How many acres of farmland are required to feed a person?

Using modern agriculture techniques.

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    7 years ago
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    USDA recommends the average no. calories per person per day is 2,500 calories (2,000 for women and 3,000 for men), of which about 50% is from carbohydrates, 22.5% from proteins, and 27.5% from fats.

    This means the source of calories for a person per day is:

    1,250 calories is from carbohydrates

    562.5 calories is from proteins

    687.5 calories is from fats

    The agriculture yield per day per m2 is:

    Grains (source of carbohydrates) = 1.5 calories

    Meats (source of proteins) = 0.3 calories

    Oils and dairy products (source of fats) = 0.4 calories

    Hence, the land area needed per person per day is:

    1,250 / 1.5 = 833 m2 for carbohydrates

    562.5 / 0.3 = 1,875 m2 for proteins

    687.5 / 0.4 = 1,718.75 m2 for fats

    Total land area for producing the needed carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for one person is then 833 + 1,875 + 1,718.75 = 4,426.75 m2.

    Answer: about 4,500 sq. m (or 1.11 acres) of land area needed per person.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The definition of an acre was, in part, due to ancient roman calculations of how much food was necessary to feed one person.

    In other words, the acre was created as a measure of making food for one person per one acre

    • Robert A5 years agoReport

      Other sources say an acre was the amount of land one person could till in one day using a wooden plow. (Encyclopedia Brittanica.)

  • Anonymous
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    A square mile has 27.878 million square feet. There are 640 acres in a square mile. Each acre has 43,560 square feet. Thus, 3,000 square feet is 0.0689 acres. This is about the size of a typical "suburban backyard garden," if you use most of the available space.


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