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Am I eating healthily?

On a school day I wake up at 6:30am and have breakfast, I usually have toast or cereal

At break 1 at school (10:05am) I usually have one slightly fatty food eg JJ's and usually a weight watchers health bar

Break 2 at school (12:35pm) I usually have a wholemeal sandwich with ham or chicken, and I have a yogurt

When I get home from school 2:30pm I would usually have a couple of biscuits or a small packet of chips.

For dinner 6:00-6:30pm I would usually have half a plate of vegetables a bit of rice mixed in, some meat, (always either lamb, chicken or beef.) and sometimes a bit of hot chips, and sometimes one piece of garlic bread. (My dinners rarely have dairy in them because my mum is allergic to dairy)

Plus I have PE at school almost every day, I walk to and from school, and I and in a dance class (a few times a week) and a dance group at school (one a week)

Do I have a healthy diet??

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  • Kelly
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    You eat pretty healthy, but you could do better. For break 1 and when you get home from school, you're eating junk food. You'd be better off having a piece of fruit and some low fat string cheese or maybe a handful of almonds and some grapes.

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