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What is the difference between ABEC 5 bearings and ABEC 9 bearings?

The ABEC's were too small for my original rollerblades. Are the ABEC 9's bigger or is there no difference?

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    ABEC has nothing to do with size. It is a spec for tolerances to eliminate vibration in high speed equipment, at speeds that would be roughly 200 mph on your skates.

    The size of the bearings is also an industrial standard. The standard bearings for inline skates (Rollerblade is just one company) are a size called 608. A few skates (mainly for inline hockey) use a smaller 688 bearing.

    It sounds like you somehow got the 688 (aka micro) bearings instead of the standard size.

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    ABEC ratings measure the tolerance of the bearings. They don't indicate size, or quality.

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