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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleSkin & BodyTattoos · 7 years ago

Help with Armband tattoo?

I'm a male and was thinking about getting an armband tattoo , something that looks tribal or celtic and was wondering if there is any meaning behind theese tattoos .

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  • 7 years ago
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    Armbands are so 90's dude.... you can get some celtic and tribal tattoos that don't circle around your body.... those things remind me of tramps, pirates and jail....

    here's some ideas:

    do an images search of ''Celtic knots tattoo'' or ''celtic theme tattoos'' or ''tribal tattoo''

    then go to wikipedia and search ''tattoo'' that will give you a million links and ideas, you can research the history of tattoos, which designs belong to which tribes and their meaning, etc. i wish i coould tell you the meaning but i would need to look at the design, period, and place at which it was drawn up, etc. for more info:


    Tribal tattoos

    Celtic knots:

    Remember that also, some people draw up ''abstract'' shapes and call them ''tribal'' these, generally have no meaning, just a shape that compliments a body part, or a design to frame a different drawing... they cal them ''tribal'' because they resemble ''moko'' (

    Be very careful with the design you choose, for example a borneo rose means something to your tribe and no one else, and if a rival tribes sees you, they will collect your head, that's what they were used for, to identify yourself as part of a group and keep your family from cutting your neck even if you hadn't been introduced.

    facial Moko talks about YOUR journey, so you can't just draw a bunch of lines in your face, also, you may be telling someone else's history.....

    Happy research, i also recommend you talk to a tattoo artist about this, he may be able to come up with a design that is original and special to you, and that pays homage to tribal tattoos without insulting a culture!

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