What is the Isreali-Palestine conflict about?

Could someone please summarise in Detail what the Isreali-Palestinian conflicts about and what the current situation is. Could you please mention this idea of Zionism and mention the Arabs who also inhibit this place and when they came. Also, are there any solutions? Possibly explain any one state- two state solutions. Also why cant there be any foreign intervention?

Thank you, Any of the above statements answered would be appreciated or even a link to a good informative website.

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    Very simply, Palestinians are the indigenous people of the land. They were promised their own state in 1916 in return for fighting the Turks- freeing their homeland from the Ottomans. A year later, the British promised to create a homeland for the Jews, in return Jewish media moghuls would convince the Americans to enter the war using their newspapers as propaganda tools. After the war the British forced the Palestinians to accept thousands of Jews- Zionism was the belief in a homeland- preferably Palestine- where Jews could live their own lives. It wasn't about religion- most Zionists were atheists, it was about people.

    Arab Palestinians aren't racially Arabs, they're by and large the descendants of the people who built Herod's temple, enslaved in Babylon. The diaspora affected mostly the ruling/upper class. The poor couldn't afford to leave- finding it simpler to convert. David Ben-Gurion remarked the ancestors of the Palestinians loved the land so much they abandoned their religion rather than leave it. Not quite that simple but good enough. The British realized what they proposed was unfair to the Palestinians, who were becoming violent and riots were breaking out as it was circulated that the Zionists hadn't come to live in the land as equals, but to take it and subjugate the Palestinians. By the late 1930's organized Zionist terrorism (Zionism is often called the father of modern terrorism) included vicious attacks against civilians and the British. The British decided on a united democracy, after deciding partitioning the land was once again unfair. Zionists responded with more attacks, some laid off during WWII, only to come back with a vengeance after the war, some even proposed an alliance with the Nazis. In 1947 the British had enough and left it in the hands of the UN who after intense pressure from the USA and two votes, decided to recommend partition. Britain again, stated this was unfair as more than half the land would be given to one third of the people- and those overwhelmingly recent immigrants. Arab countries refused to abide by the decision and insisted the original plan to form a democracy was not only fair but legally binding. Zionists agreed to partition. It should be noted this was only a recommendation- it had no legal validity. Fighting broke out between forces like the Haganah and Irgun and Arab and Palestinian loosely organized militias. Zionist militias started to force Christians and Muslims to leave their homes- like Tiberias, Deir Yassin and Haifa. Arabs countries sent forces to the Palestinian partition to halt the Israelis gains. After fighting a cease fire was declared and a negotiator was sent by the UN; only to be promptly murdered by the Zionists. A cease fire took affect, Jordan controlling the West Bank and East Jerusalem- Egypt controlled Gaza. Constant raiding took place from the Palestinian refugees who were promised that they could go home as a precondition of Israeli UN acceptance. This was never honoured. Israel responded by brutal massacres like Qibya- many of them civilians whose only crime was that they happened to live there.

    After Israel attacked Egypt in 1967, they made short work of Egypt's allies in Jordan and Syria and occupied Golan, the West Bank and Gaza. Now it should be made VERY CLEAR, territory acquired by force is ILLEGAL. Even Israeli legal advisers told the PM he was in violation of International Law. Jordan ceded it's claim the PLO in 1988.

    Israel will not allow foreign intervention. The idea of peacekeepers in the West Bank and Gaza was soundly turned down by the Israelis- they certainly don't want any witnesses.

    Meanwhile terrorist organizations like Hamas have taken part of Palestine. Ironically Hamas once had the support of Israel to oust the PA. They launch rockets attacks and terrorize southern Israel. However violence is DOWN in the West Bank, in fact there are more attacks AGAINST Palestinians by the settlers then BY them. Yet Israel is still taking more land.

    There will never by a single state- Israel won't allow it. Two state is still to be hoped.

    On a final note, this could all be solved today if Israel would just obey International law. They have been told many times that settlements are illegal.

    @visalikis If it's a Muslims/Jewish thing, then why were Christians forced from their homes in 1948 and again in 1967? Why are the farms and hamlets around Bethlehem- at one time Christian- now JEWISH ONLY settlements? The TRUTH is the IDF doesn't ask nor care about the religion of the homes it destroys. It doesn't wave Christians through check points and only stop Muslims.

    Source(s): "The British foreign secretary and the Archbishop of Westminster have joined forces in opposing the route of Israel's vast barrier along the West Bank, which adversely affects a community of monks, nuns and Christian families near Bethlehem. In a private letter seen by the Guardian, William Hague told Archbishop Vincent Nichols that he shared his "concerns about the problem of land confiscation by the Israeli authorities affecting the people of Beit Jala and similar Palestinian communities in the occupied territories"." http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/04/willia...
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    The issue at the core of the conflict is that the groups that control palestine, Hamas and Fatah, do not want Israel to exist and have actively tried to destroy it in the past. This is a view held by the majority of Arab states too. They teach their children to hate Jews and Israel, so there is very little chance for peace.

    In Israel, you can see by the number of votes for the centre-left party Yesh Atid that Israelis still want peace. Yet peace is impossible whilst Israel has no one to negotiate with.

    Zionism is the belief that there should be a Jewish state in Israel. A state where Jews can be free from the persecution they face in other countries. Sadly, anti-Semites use Israel as a way to express their anti-Semitic beliefs without being called racist.

    A lot of palestinians are actually from neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Egypt. There are Arabs in Israel, and these are the one who are prepared to accept Israel's right to exist and live in peace. They have exactly the same rights as Jews in Israel.

    At the moment there are no solutions as gaza is run by a terrorist organisation and the west bank is run by an organisation which has tried to destroy Israel in the past. There cannot be peace till the palestinians elect a government that wants peace.

    Ignore michardav, he is just repeating the same anti-Israel lies that we see all the time. There is no truth there.

    Ignore zack, Zionism is not an atheistic movement. It is a Jewish movement for all Jews regardless of how religious they are. He is just showing his ignorance. He also claims the khazar myth. This is a lie invented by anti-Semites to try to delegitimise Israel. There is no truth in it, and despite the fact that it has been refuted hundreds of times, you still get racists trying to claim it's true.

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    Zionism is the idea that the Jews should have their own homeland in the region of their ancestors, where their holy religious sites are. You don't have to be Jewish or Israeli to be a Zionist. And not all Jews or even all Israelis are Zionists, though most are. Jews began thinking in these terms in the 1800s, when the Ottoman Empire was fully in charge, and it was no more than a distant dream.

    The conflict began when the Turkish Ottoman Empire fell in WWI. It had been in power for several hundred years. Most of the lands in the Middle East and northern Africa belonged to it.

    So when it fell and fell apart in WWI, the victorious Allies had to help divide the former Empire into countries. They decided to establish a Jewish homeland in the Jews' ancestral and holy land, centered around Jerusalem.

    In the Ottoman Empire, non-Muslims were not full citizens. It was an Islamic empire with the Sultan as both political and religious ruler. To many Muslims, it embodied a holy call to win ever more lands for Islam.

    Consequently the idea of establishing a Jewish country within the former Ottoman Empire was disturbing to many Muslims. Understand, though, that the Arabs had not been ruling their lands either, even if they were Muslims. It was all ruled by the Turks, and the Arabs were glad to get their independence just as the Jews were.

    Britain was assigned to help organize the Jewish homeland, and the British used the name Palestine, which was not used under the Ottomans. Due to the hostility of many Arabs to the idea of a Jewish country, the British let Arabs have most of Palestine, establishing the country of Jordan, and giving the Gaza Strip to Egypt. Israel got less than one fourth of the British Palestine.

    When Israel was founded, it accepted everybody already living their as a full Israeli citizen. Thus 20% of all Israelis are Arabs Jordan, however, did not allow Jews to be citizens there.

    As soon as Israel was founded, the neighboring Arab countries attacked but were unable to overthrow Israel. Some Arabs living in Israel sided with Israel's enemies, and they were not allowed to return to Israel.

    Anti-Israel hardliners then gathered just outside Israel's borders, in Jordan and Gaza, making raids and terrorist attacks on Israel; Jordan and Egypt couldn't or didn't control them. So in 1967 Israel struck against them and ended up in control of West Bank (part of Jordan) and Gaza. Israel didn't want the land, it only wanted to stop the attacks. Egypt and Jordan don't want their lands back either, and hope that they can become a separate nation called Palestine. [The idea of Arabs identifying themselves as Palestinians started in 1973; before that, the Jews had identified as Palestinians before Israel was founded, but the Arabs didn't care for the name.]

    But the anti-Israel hardliners still have the goal of overthrowing Israel and bringing it under Muslim rule again; with the added goal of expelling the Jews. This is why it is taking so long to develop an agreement between Israel and Gaza and West Bank.

    There is a middle road, which some Palestinians accept, of allowing Israel to remain and having their own country next to it; but too many still want Israel overthrown.

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    In 1948 the muslims were offered a two state deal.

    They turned it down.

    They wanted everything.

    They attacked,and lost,several times,in attempts to take by force,the territories belonging to Israel.

    Their repeated failure to win by force led to them becoming professional victims,and terrorists.

    None of the surrounding arab states want the " palestinian" rabble infesting their lands,so they support the illegal claims of the terrorists.

    Israel IS after all ,Jewish,prosperous,and a democracy,all things missing currently from Arab controlled States.

    Israel is fighting muslim fascism,muslim Nazis,on behalf of the whole Free World.

    We all owe them a debt of gratitude,for their bravery,and successful fighting men and women.

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  • All I can say off the top of my very ill head is that both sides refuse to acknowledge the other as existing. Palestine doesn't believe Israel should exist, aaaand vice versa

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    It's a very long and complicated story but in a nutshell:

    It's about the arab muslims living in Palestinian land hating Jews for being Jews as mandated by the Koran and as broadcast daily on arab TV.

    In 1948 when Israel was created by the UN and Britain, the Palestinian land was divided up so there could be a home for the Jews after the holocaust, a jewish state (israel) and an arab one - Palestine. The jews accepted the offer, the arabs didn't (muslim arabs) Palestinian terority was made up of a mixture of Jews, Muslims and Christians. Israel was willing to recognise the state of Palestine - Palestinians were not going to recognise Israel.

    When Israel was created, Jews moved to Israel along with Christians and some arab Muslims. However, most arab Muslims decided to remain in Palestinian land (egged on by Arab countries) and wage war with Israel because its a Jewish state. Other arab countries attacked Israel on the day of her independence because its a jewish state too and lost. Israel took the land. They tried again in 1967 and lost. Israel took more land.

    Israel has been taking more Palestinian land since - the legality of this is disputed.

    There is a solution to this mess:

    Both countries recognise one another right to exist. Israel has attempted to do this on several occasions and each time the Palestinians rejected the offer.. The Palestinians in my opinion want a one state solution which is why they elect terrorist governments such as Hamas to run their country - their aim is to kill every jew and wipe israel off the map.

    Both countries have very strong connections to the area so BOTH have the right to exist there.

    Hamas Charter


    Six Day War


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    palestinian (sorry jordanian) squatters on Isreali land

    Source(s): history
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    Judiasm was the first recorded religion, It was at the lands first, But with the arabs palestanians came, and came in around 1,000 years ago, While the Jews have been there for over 4,000 years, Now to modern times, It truly isnt about the lands, It is that musslims want land, Look at facts, When the ottoman empire owned the lands, No one complained, They were musslim, When the musslims took over spain, No one said anything, They just want land, But look, Israel gets there home and a peck of land, and the Musslims go to support Palestine without background knowledge, I am eastern orthodox I also support Palestine, Since Israel supports Kosovo, But those are the main facts,

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    Basically it is revolved around a movement called the "Zionist" movement. They were originally a group of atheists. Widely accepted as the biggest terrorists of the 20th Century, they planted bombs in synagogues across the Middle East and Europe in an attempt to lure all the Jews of the world to Palestine. But what you find now is that the people living in "Israel" are not even descendants of the people of the Torah but rather converts whose ancestors lived in Khazaria.


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    So the claim that "Israel" was promised to them is false.

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