Any tips on how to get better at digital abstract art?

I've been making digital abstract art for about three years, I want to get better, sadly lately I've been in a rut artistically and my recent pieces have been kinda meh. Deviantart link for examples of some of my work- Tutorial links, ideas, any advice would be helpful.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I critique alot of artwork on Yahooo Answers and the majority of the art is below average and still at the beginner stage. I am not sure why you are hard on yourself, but your abstract art looks very good and professional. The composition/design and colors go very well together.

    People think that making abstract art is easy, but it is not! You still have to follow composition rules in order for the artwork to stand out. That's why some abstract art looks like crap and others look professional.

    Even if your artwork looks professional, an artist should always want to keep learning how to perfect his/her craft. Abstract art needs strong skills in design/composition and color theory, so you need to buy books on that subject and study it. You can read the customer reviews and buy the following books at

    1. Design Basics by David A. Lauer & Stephen Pentak. The newest book is the 8th edition, published 2011. You can buy a used copy of the 7th edition for a lot cheaper.

    2. Color Studies by Edith Anderson Feisner

    These books are expensive because they are college level books. If you are serious about your art, then you need to study college level books.

    You can also look at abstract art done by other artists to see how they used different colors and to get inspiration.

    You can also sell your art and make some extra cash

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    You will have to market your art very hard. There are tons of artists on these sites. The chances of people finding your art on these sites will be very slim. You need to get more online viewers looking at your Deviantart account.

  • 4 years ago

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