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Is Animal Behavior College (ABC) legit?

I've seen commercials of this college so I went to their website and filled out some info and they called and emailed me to call them back. So I did. I got a hold of the lady that called me. She told me all about their program and everything seemed like it would be great. But them I was thinking that the tution ($3440) seemed a little cheap. She email me with more info. But it just doesn't seem very legit.. her email is ___@dawgbiz.net does that seem legit to you? I want to make sure I know everything I can before I make my next move. Go to www.animalbehaviorcollege.com and tell me what you think. Also the email she sent say Animal Behavior College but it doesn't have their logo and it looks like it was just typed on a word document, very slopy looking. That is very odd. Everybody has their logo with any email they send with their information. It just seems odd..

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    Hi Pippi,

    In your quest for information, one thing you left out was exactly what you are looking for in a dog training program. ABC is not only legit, it is an excellent resource for the up and coming dog trainer. However if you are looking for specialty training situations like agility, nose work, rally, fly ball, etc. you will need to seek those type of venues to obtain the expertise in those areas. The ABC program concentrates on teaching you about the whole dog and how animals learn.

    I graduated in 2004 and have been in a profitable business ever since. I have vets who refer to me and i operate out of 3 different facilities. There are a lot benefits in becoming a ABC grad. Business cards, web site opportunity, networking with other grads in a Yahoo group forum are just a few I can mention.

    So if you want to become part of an ever growing community of professional dog trainers please join us. We would love to have you on our team.

    David Thatcher

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    ABC is legit - I become a dog trainer through them 5 years ago. I didn't really think it was worth the money or adequately prepared me for being a successful dog trainer. The only good part of it is the mentor program BUT if you get stuck with a bad mentor (I know a few people that had this issue) it's a waste.

    I've been pretty successful as a dog trainer in a relatively short period of time but it's not because of ABC - it's in spite of them. I have my own mentorship program in NJ and last year created an online version, after many requests from people out of the area.

    I'm obviously biased toward it but I created the exact program I wish I had when starting out. If you like, check it out at http://makedogsyourlife.com/ and feel free to call or email with any questions. I don't have operators or a staff, so you'll always talk directly to me. I have a bunch of videos you can sign up for as well that can give you some additional info you might find useful.

    Best of luck.

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    ABC is a fantastic school. It is definitely legit! The work is done online and then you have a hands on externship with a mentor in your area. If you are a working professional you can go at your own pace. There is always someone who can help you. You have great mentors throughout this entire program. Once you graduate it does not stop there! You have access to so many resources to help you get started. The yahoo groups is a life saver. When you are first starting it is like having a huge supportive family answering any and all of your questions and always willing to help out where and when they can. The group is always available even once you have established your business and now you want to throw around ideas and get feedback and recommendations. I now have my own dog training business that I do part time. I graduated in 2012 and was able to open up my business directly after I graduated. If you are truly interested in attending a good "legit" school then ABC is a great place to hang your diploma! I have nothing but great things to say about my experience and I am so happy I attended ABC. I cannot say enough about the support of this school!

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    Animal Behavior College

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    I took the dog training course from Animal Behavior College. The College IS legit.

    I was assigned a Program Manager who was always available to help me in any way that she could.

    ABC gives you one year to complete the course. Then you have to volunteer at a Shelter for a certain amount of time. After you have completed that, you then do an Externiship with a Mentor.

    Before I started the course, I looked at ABC's website and contacted many of the trainers who were graduated from ABC to hear what they thought of the course.

    You questioned the e-mail ___@dawgbiz. That is absolutely legit. If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact me.

    Dog Training - Millstone Township, New Jersey 08535

    Lois S. Stein, Honors Graduate, ABCDT

    Phone: 609-426-4209

    Alternate Phone: 908-770-4525 Cell

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    I am actually a graduate of Animal Behavior College. I graduated back in 2010, becoming a Certified Dog Trainer. The program is "legit" and fantastic. The curriculum is online and there are 10 stages you must go through before beginning your externship.

    If you have questions, I am also a Mentor Trainer for ABC, so feel free to ask!

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    Mike gives great advice. However, this school is legit. The program is rigorous (you will get hands-on dog training with a ABC certified dog-trainer and you will learn a lot about dog training). I graduated from ABC in 2002, and I'm still using my dog-training skills. Although I don't currently operate a dog-training business, I train dogs at the Humane Society every week. I'm positive that I have made a difference in these dogs lives (some dogs had been at the Humane Society for years - as puppies - before I started training them. After I started training them, they got adopted. Coincidence? Very doubtful). The faculty at ABC use the above e-mail address.

    Source(s): I am a graduate at ABC.
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    I had similar thoughts back in 2009. After researching other options and pricing I decided to take the risk and sign up. I'm glad I did! The foundations are wonderful if you are starting from scratch. The mentor program may have its challenges, but a wise person can learn something from every situation. If a particular mentor does not work out, ABC will try to find another person for you to work with. It is a great way to start and offers resources to keep you moving forward such job boards, quarterly newsletters for alumni, website assistance, email groups to ask questions and share ideas as well as network with quality trainers all over North America.

    In any career, continuing education is imperative to being well-versed, knowledgable and up-to-date. ABC cannot teach you everything you should know about animal training, but it is a great place to start.

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    I am also a honors graduate with Animal Behavior College and it is a great educational start to becoming a Dog Trainer. I had wonderful mentors that taught me a lot and now I run a successful dog training business. The folks that run the business are very helpful and professional and were great to work with. I highly recommend them especially if you have another job and need to do most of the book work online. I believe they are even accredited as a continuing education program in California which speaks for itself since going through that type of process is rigorous. They are even recognized as a Dog Training College by the Association for Pet Dog Trainers. The are highly "Legit". I am also a mentor for the college.

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    Hi, I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College. It is a great school and a great way to start a business. I not only learned about dog training commands and cues, but all about the behaviors. When I was done with my book portion ABC really helped me find a good mentor to conclude my training. I had so much fun with my mentor. If your really interested in dog training you do have to have an open mind to all sorts of training. My personal love of this business is helping the owner learn their dog's behavior and by doing that they are able to communicate! Seeing that relationship click is the best feeling in the world! Another great thing about ABC is that when your ready to spread your wings they are still there for you. Helping you out with the business aspect, websites, creating your business name, etc. ABC is a great school, but like everything in life you have your good experiences and your bad ones. Mine was a great one! Good luck in your journey!


    ABC Certified Dog Trainer

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