i have 6 planets in capricorn all in second house? help explain pls?

So its like this im capricorn born 28.12.1989 rising scorpio moon capricorn.

other plantes all in second house:

sun capricorn

moon capricorn

mercury capricorn

saturn capricorn

uranus capricorn

neptune capricorn all in second house someone with good knowledge help me explain what does that mean or what ever?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    6 out of your 10 needs are pursued IN the Capricorn style, and are directed to areas of what you "own". We own values and possessions. So you are very strongly identified with your values .. perhaps too much so. And the same with material possessions.

    But as such a strong Capricorn, you need to be grounded in reality .. no airy-fairy stuff for you, except for whichever planets (needs) might be conjunct (within 8 degrees of) your Neptune. Neptune is quite airy-fairy.

    Sun is how you need to be if you are going to feel whole and complete and self-fulfilled.

    Moon is what you need for emotional security, and it is your automatic emotional responses.

    Mercury is how you form opinions and how you communicate with others.

    Saturn is how you deal with reality, with limitation, with effort and work. Saturn is very much at home in Capricorn, as Capricorn IS about reality and working within it's constraints.

    Uranus is how you try to be more of an individual, how you try to be unique. Uranus is about doing things you own way, but the style of Capricorn is realistic .. and realism curbs individuality because we are all dependent on others for what we have in life.

    Neptune is how you try to be LESS of an individual .. by identifying with others. It is the impact of unconscious impulses on us ... our gut feelings and intuition, our fantasy, our dreaminess, our receptivity, our ideals and also our illusions. The nature of Neptune is therefore quite opposite to the practical, realistic style of Capricorn.

    You do not say where your Venus, Mars or Jupiter are.

    It is not the signs that are so important, but the DISTANCES from your Capricorn planets. Certain distances, only, are called "aspects". Some distances have harmonious frequencies, other distances have discordant frequencies. So if you have planets that are in harmonious frequencies, the needs of those planets work well together for you. Discordant frequencies produce internal conflict, and other behaviors that don't bring the results we want because we are divided in what we want.

    You really need to be looking at the ENTIRE chart, and particularly at the aspects, if you want to understand your chart.

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  • 8 years ago

    Try western sidereal astrology. Far more accurate.

    Source(s): The constellations
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  • 8 years ago

    dont bliv in this kinda crap.

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