How to heal skin faster? (belly button piercing rejection)?

I have gotten my belly button pierced in may last year and after a couple of months it started to reject so i took it out in november before it tottaly ripped out. Now its nearly february and i still have a red scar, how can i make it heal faster or atleast get rid of the redness of the skin? Also will it reject again if i wanted to get it repierced soon?

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    Belly button piercing is a surface piercing and as we all know surface piercings have a high rejection rate.

    Only a piercer can tell you how much time is needed to safely re-pierce so that the piercing has better chances of staying put and not rejecting again.

    Piercing through a recent rejected piercing/thin skin raises the chances of rejection.

    There is something you can do to help the skin recover and remove the scar tissue.

    Get some olive oil or any other oil actually and start massaging the area 2-3 times a day until it becomes red. The blood circulation will help to finally 'crack' the scar tissue and make it go away. You need to be patient though because this takes time and do not skip massages.

    This technique is well known for fading skin scars and very popular among the piercing community for rejected piercings and retired ones.

    Best jewelry material for belly button piercings is Titanium. Stainless steel is heavier.

    I've had something like 30 piercings so far and my favorites are surface ones. Surface piercings have a high rejection rate so as you can guess I've experienced rejection few times in the past.

    My eyebrow piercing started to reject 4 years after I got it done and refused to remove it on time ( my fav piercing ) so I have a little scar there. It was extra red and the skin was thin for the first year after the removal of the jewelry. After 3 years the scar is not that visible anymore.

    Re-pierced it ( a few months after the first rejection ) and started to reject again within days , cause of the bad skin in the area, which was expected.

    The sooner you remove the jewelry on a rejected piercing the less the scarring will be and the sooner you can safely re-pierce.

    Source(s): Lots of piercings, belly button piercing included, rejected eyebrow -hips-hand web etc.
  • I have had y belly button pierced about 3 times and all 3 times my body rejected it..

    Sorry but sometimes some people are not "meant" to have a certain body part piercing no matter how much you want it.

    I also had my nose pierced about 3 times and also it never healed ever !!!

    6 months later it was still sore , red, or very dry.

    My lip pericings and tongue I never had a problem with them ever.

    So I know it is not me not taking care of the piercing correctly.

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    You don't have to have washboard abs to have a belly piercing and have it look nice. I had my belly button pierced several years ago and I had a tiny belly, it actually inspired me to do crunches because I wanted to show it off. But if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have gotten the belly piercing. Somethings I learned after getting my belly pierced: 1. Belly piercing, unlike ears or nose, is very painful when you get it. 2. If the piercing closes up, which mine did, you can still see indentation where the hole was, it doesn't go away, unlike ears, nose, eyebrow. 3. Belly piercings can mess up the shape of your navel, it caused a crescent shaped top for several of my friends and myself, most likely do to the weight of the jewelry pulling down the top of your belly button. The longer you have it, it seems the more crescent shaped the top. 4. I read that, if you ever decide to have children, you will need to take the piercing out, or you may tear your skin or get ugly purple stretch marks.

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    You're best letting the skin heal fully or yes it will continue to be agitated. My nose piercing did the same and I had to wait to re-do it until the tissue healed. However I decided not to re-do it and six months later I still have a tiny scar on my nose. I suppose it's if you have sensitive skin or not, it depends, maybe it just takes a long time. It could well reject it again, are you willing to take the chance? Salt water and specialised lotions should help you :) or consult a doctor if it is agitating you.

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    Try coco butter sticks twice a day! Hope this helps! Maybe look at my question?! 😄;_ylt=AoMjz6WgXmPJqw7qlxC4T4nM_Nw4?qid=20140423180021AAmd7TR

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