What ever happened to actors Nancy & Phillip McKeon?

What ever happened to 1980's sitcom actors Nancy McKeon, who played Jo on "The Facts Of Life", and her brother Phillip McKeon, who played Tommy on "Alice"? It seems like all the people I enjoyed watching on tv, who seemed to have hot careers back in the late 1970's and 1980's are no longer heard from or even talked about these days.

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    Since Alice ended in 1985,Phillip McKeon continued to make periodic acting appearances. His more recent acting credits include Sandman (1993) and Ghoulies IV (1994). He has also produced or directed numerous films, such as Teresa’s Tattoo (1994), Murder In The First (1995), and The Young Unknowns (2000).

    In 1995, Nancy returned to series television with Can't Hurry Love. The sitcom was canceled after its first season.

    A few years later, she had better luck with The Division. She starred as Inspector Jinny Exstead, and Bonnie Bedelia played her boss. The show also provided McKeon with an opportunity to work behind the camera, serving as a director in several episodes. During the run of the show, McKeon turned down an opportunity to reunite with her The Facts of Life co-stars for a 2001 television movie.

    Nancy McKeon lives in Austin, Texas. she married Marc Andrus on June 8, 2003, they have two children together

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