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Boyles and Charles Law?

A sample of CO2 is put into a 35ml elastic balloon at 0.961 atm. If the balloon were put into a chamber of only 0.753 atm pressure, what would be the resulting volume

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    Assuming the temperature is constant, we can use Boyle's Law:

    P ∝ 1/V


    PV = k, k being a constant (nRT, if you're curious, but that's not the point).

    P₁V₁ = P₂V₂, since both equal a constant:

    (.961 atm)(35 mL) = (.753 atm)V₂

    V₂ = (.961 atm)(35 mL)/(.753 atm)

    V₂ ≈ 44.67 mL

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