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Classes arrangments for this college year?

So I am quite undecided on what to take this following Spring and Fall semesters. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and I don't want to screw things up. I am doing pre-nursing for an Associates RN program , and have already completed most of my general ed classes last year. Now I only have a few pre-reqs, but since I have extra units to full in being a full-time student, I was thinking of taking music classes as extra fun type of thing. Would this be a good schedule? Or should I just stick to my classes that relate to my major :-/ ? In additon, I only need Statistics and Organic Chemistry to transferto a RN-BSN program, which I will be doing after obtaining my ADN.

My current plan

Spring 2013:

Anatomy&Physio 2


Health Science(Associates grad requirment)

Guitar Class


Swimming(Associates PE requirment)



Class Voice

Class Piano

Chemistry 2B(Organic)

Spanish 3N

I am applying for the RN program this fall, that is why I am taking Physiology and Microbiology together.


I forgot to add, I will be finishing all of the nursing pre-reqs this spring. I will apply this fall for Spring 2014 admission. :-)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Since you asked:

    I think your spring looks ok if a little light at 12-hours. I'd probably have gone piano, but that's personal taste.

    Swimming is ok, but think hard about Tai Chi or Yoga; these are things you can teach your patients.

    Your fall is a disaster. Spanish is excellent. Stats & chem are ok. The voice and piano are inexcusable. One music class for the sake of your head, and that was the spring. These two have no place in your schedule. You need to get your head into nursing here.

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