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Where can I find reliable stats on the total income of the USA?

All I can seem to find are averages and groups, or info that's clearly wrong (like $12 billion, which is Way too low). I am looking for the total amount of personal income made by all Americans in one year, say 2011. I thought the IRS website would have this, but I can only find divided information there, not the total. I'm sure their database must include the total gross income that was reported somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Of course, this would be missing the info from people whose income was so low they didn't have to file, but there's probably no way to find that out. A separate total of profits made by businesses would be cool too, but not mixed together like GDP. I came across an estimate of $9 trillion, which sounds reasonable for total personal income, but can't find any authoritative sites to confirm it. Does anyone know of a legit site that has this info?

PS- please don't bother directing me to a Fox "news" site or anything like that. I'm looking for facts, not fantasy.

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    If it is being made, then it is not income.

    Income is profit. It is value coming in.

    A business has value coming in, but for the average worker, the value is not coming in, it is being created.

    A worker is paid with a check containing invisible numbers.

    The invisible numbers are turned into visible paper numbers (currency).

    Neither would exist if the employee did not work (or labor).

    The currency does not pre-exist with value before its placed in the workers account, it was placed in his account because he created the value for it.

    The average worker has to work to 'create' the value for the his pay.

    A business recieves the value (income) that the average worker creates.

    Looks like "value received" and 'value created" is being mixed together.

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    This is a US government website, it does not get more official than that.

    Corporations belong to the people, so their profits are also a form of personal income.

    If you want wage income only, look for it here:

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