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Is my friend's character a Mary-Sue?

I am writing a story with a good friend of mine, and her character seems like a Mary-Sue to me. It is bugging me and it is really annoying because it is kind of ruining the story. I just wanted to know- Is it a Mary-Sue? I barely know what a Mary-Sue is, and I wanted to know. My friend said that it was exactly how she wants to be... and think kinda freaked me out... lol

Her character's name is Frost. She is shy, with curly black hair, blue eyes, and glasses. She is really polite and SUPER smart, and lets people take control over her because she doesn't know how to say no. She worries a lot. SHe gets bullied a lot because she is smart, and popular people wante her to become "One of them" (at this point I was about to cry over how this story isn't going to go well) and she said no. She has a sister named Flare (My character... for the record, these names started out as jokes and evolved from there) and a pet SNOWY OWL named Icicle. (Me: O.O) She has an amazing singing voice and plays piano, guitar, violin, flute, cello, viola, harp, clarinet, bassoon, xylophone, and organ. She is amazing at ice skating and skiing and she loves to read. She tries to hide her bullying but one time she got beat up in an alley and people noticed, so her sister went and beat up the people who beat up Frost. (Me: ?????) She doesn't have much confidence and people control her...

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Flare isn't the one with the singing voice or the instruments, that is all Frost. Sorry if I confused you by mentioning Flare in the middle. Frost is bullied for apparently no reason, is super smart, plays so many instruments, ice skates, has an owl, etc.

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    In my opinion. Yes. She is a strong Mary-sue character and for the success of the story I suggest you talk to your friend and ask (very nicely) to tone down her character a little. For example, she can't really have an amazing voice if she is super shy and hardly uses her voice and if she was getting bullied she would have to get bullied for a reason (apperance, personality ect. ). Also she could use a little less instruments, no one can really master all those instruments at her age so to make your story a little more realistic she could be only really good at the cello for example (because the cello sounded like to was asking for help if it was played or something like that).

    Usually shy people in stories like the notion of an ordinary life with close friends and family ect. So people usually name their pets after real-people's names. (For example Harry Potter named his owl 'Hedwig') So maybe she could name her owl 'Frank' or something like that.

    Judging by her name, she has an affinity with ice or Winter if I'm correct, so maybe she doesn't really need to like ALL the sports that has to do with iceskating or skiing and wants to be a little more different then her name (predictably) proclaims.

    Sorry if these ideas are really bad but I was just suggesting ways to spice up and de-Mary-sue her character.

    But here is a great quiz to see how strong of a Mary-sue a character is. You just need to fill out the details of the character and answer questions about the character and you can see if she'he is a mary-sue or a gary-stu.

    Please make sure you be really nice when addressing this problem, because your friend could get very offended because very character you create in your narrative comes a little out of your heart!

    Source(s): My experience with novels and narratives and... MARY-SUES!
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    That is a grade-A Mary-Sue. When a character has that many "awesome abilities" and is hurt by others because she's too awesome...that's a code red sound the alarm bail out BAIL OUT Mary-Sue.

    I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. No friend should RP that bad.

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    Yes that is a mary sue. I hope you can convince her to change te character.

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