How to deal with someone who broke up with u for someone else?

So me and my ex, we had an awesome year together. The end was a little shaky, he would kind of get moody a lot. We broke up. I guess he was acting that way because of another girl and I didnt know. He blocked me on ig and Facebook and he'd say "he was too sad to see my posts" and how he "crys when he sees me driving" idk. But he kind of quickly started hanging out with this ugly girl and who knows, she might be nice or something and they listen to the same bands. It makes me upset cuz I miss our relationship. I'm not looking for other guys but I have had a few guys come up to me lately. Any advice? I'm not ready for a new relationship. And I'm not tryna be immature and get anyone jealous too :/. But it hurts and I feel like I can't breathe when I see him hanging out with that girl so fast, u know? We broke up cuz I accidentally got pregnant from him and he just kinda stopped talking to me and he was being very rude and he was happy when I miscarried. He wasnt there with me at all through it all and I was sooo scared, I'm younger than him. He went on vacation all that time. Why do I still have feelings for that jerk?? Bleh.


Well I broke up with him because of the way he was treating me. I'm guessing he just wanted to be with that dumb girl too. I think they were texting while me and him were together.

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    It takes some time to get over a person who you spent part of your life with. They say when getting over a death (a terminated relationship is VERY much like a death) that you should not make drastic decisions for a year. This is called the "mourning period". In this time, you should concentrate on YOU, and things that make you happy. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me in August (so that's 5 months ago) and sure, I've been very tempted to go out and party like an animal and hook up with girls. But guess what? At the end of the night, who am I really going to be thinking about? Right, my ex. Give it time. You'll be amazed at how well it works.

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    The whole reason to break up is so you DONT have to DEAL with them anymore. Ignore him, dont worry about him dating some other chick. Just move on.

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