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** WDYT of this Sibset? **?

What do you think of this sibset? Most middle names have a meaning to me and/or my partner. Rate and comment.

★Emmett James Walter "Mett"

❀Amalia Lucie Rose "Mia" (PRN Am-a-lee-a)

★Alexander Owen Jericho "Xander"

★Leon Zachary Beau "Leo"

❀Natalia Esmé June "Tahlia"

★Dominic Rory Tate "Dom"

I am pretty set on my names however I feel that I do need to do some tweeks (Not happy with Tate and always on the search for something that could replace Zachary. Any suggestions on these two?)


Using one or more of my names (below) in each childs name what would you name 4 boys and 2 girls? You don't need to use the names how I have used them I.E Alexander Emmett Reed.


★Emmett James Walter "Mett"

★Alexander Owen Jericho "Xander"

★Leon Zachary Ryan "Leo"

★Dominic Rory Beau "Dom"

★Elijah Jeffrey Tate "Eli"

★Henry Xavier Flynn *Ry*


❀Emilia Lucie Rose "Mila"

❀Amalia Lucie Rose "Mia"

❀Natalia Esmé June "Tahlia"

❀Belinda Harlow Grace "Bella"

❀Liliana Charlotte Grace "Lily"

❀Delilah Vivienne Audrey "Lilah"


You don't have to do the BQ but it will help if you want Best Answer.

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    7 years ago
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    Emmett James Walter 9/10

    I love the name Emmett to me it is myserious sounding and uncommon, I love James too and dont care for Walter but I do have to admit this name has a great flow.

    Amalia Lucie Rose 7/10

    I dont really like Amalia I think alot of people would mispronounce it too which is anoying, i would much prefer Amelia. I dont mind the names Lucie and Rose. There is a nice flow to this name overall.

    Alexander Owen Jericho 10/10

    Absolutley love the way this name sounds together.

    Leon Zachary Beau 6/10

    I like the name Leon i think its adorable and i have always liked the name Zachary and dont mind Beau as a middle name. I think it would flow better as Zachary Leon Beau.

    Natalia Esme June 10/10

    I have always loved the name Natalia and like the nickname Thalia. Esme is a gorgeous and girly name. June flows well.

    Dominic Rory Tate 10/10

    Absolutley love it!

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  • 7 years ago

    I am not big on two middle names for myself, but I think you have some great ideas and I see how they are meaningful. I like most of your options, but my two favorite are the first two, very cute :). I can't think of any to replace Tate or Zachary for some reason, I am not very good at getting a good flow with multiple middle names.


    Boy1: Emmett James (I think that is great)

    Boy 2: Zachary Tate

    Boy 3: Elijah Owen

    Boy 4: Jericho Flynn

    Girl 1: Liliana Grace

    Girl 2: Emilia or Amalia Rose

    Sorry again I am not a lot of help with the double middle name part. I think you have some really nice options already. Best of luck :)

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