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When I send message to myself and bcc others, my e-mail comes back from Yahoo Inc. instead of my e-mail name.?

My mail to BCC people is going in spam or people do not know what Yahoo Inc.

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  • 7 years ago
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    YOU just have to change the "from line" setting to your name instead of Yahoo Inc.

    Options>>mail options>>Accounts (from the list on the left)>>THEN click on "Yahoo Mail"---(middle of page, under "Accounts").

    Now you can erase whatever is showing, on the "From line" (or "send as") and type in something else---a nickname---or initials---OR ? whatever you want---THEN click "SAVE" changes (or the +sign)---whichever is available.

    You CAN NOT leave that line blank, otherwise Yahoo enters what was previously there.

    Some people say you have to log out and then back in, for the changes to be effective----but most find it's "not necessary"-----maybe it depends on your computer ??

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