Ohio police academy help?

I'm a 19 year old boy looking to become a officer of the law in the state of Ohio , what should be some of my first steps and at what age ? I already meet the physical and criminal background to join the force. Any help? I'm not sure if I plan on going to college just yet , I might just do police academy then later do a online college for criminal justice

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  • J.W.
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    7 years ago
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    Requirements to become a police officer vary and how you become a police officer varies depending on the department. Visit the websites of the police departments that you might be interested in working for. Police department websites often provide information about their applicant requirements, about how to apply, and about their hiring process. Some relatively common minimum requirements include having at least a high school diploma or ged, being a citizen, being at least 21 years old, having a valid driver's license, and having no felony convictions. Some relatively common steps in hiring processes include application, written test, physical fitness test, interview, drug test, medical examination, and background investigation. In Ohio, some departments will hire you and send you to the academy. In this case, you would already have a job and be paid while attending the academy. Some departments want to hire applicants that have already completed the academy. Some academies allow you to apply, and if you meet their requirements and are accepted, pay tuition to attend hopes of getting hired by a police department. You should consider getting a college degree if you don't have one. Many departments require or prefer applicants to have college. Many applicants have college. Having a degree could help you get hired. Some departments pay their officers more if they have a degree. Having a degree could also help you get promoted during your career. Getting police officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. Do whatever you can to make yourself the best candidate that you can. For example, don't do anything illegal, maintain a good reputation, keep a good driving record, don't get bad credit, improve all of your communication skills as much as possible, practice to improve you observation and memory skills, and become as physically fit as you can. Consider local, state, and federal jobs. Best of luck!

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    I have no idea which town you might be making use of for, but in Dayton you must be at the least 21 to be employed. You don't need a institution measure but it relatively helps if you want annual pay bonuses. If I had been you i might get started on that criminal justice measure.

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  • Rachel
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    7 years ago

    I don't know which town you are applying for, but in Dayton you need to be at least 21 to be hired. You don't need a college degree but it really helps if you want annual pay bonuses. If I were you I'd get started on that criminal justice degree.

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