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Should women carry guns or pepper spray to protect themselves?

I say pepper spray; it's easier to aim and use, it's not fatal (so there could be no murder allegations if things go wrong), and it stops people dead in their tracks. Plus, if a woman has a gun that she doesn't know how to properly use, the criminal assaulting her could easily wrestle it away and threaten to kill her (or actually do it)

As a woman, I think women should carry pepper spray, not guns. What do you guys think?

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  • Hope
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    I think women should carry pepper spray also. I mean, like you said yourself, it won't cause the person to die, but just stop them from what they were about to do to the women. It's also a lot more safer to the women who is carrying a gun because if she doesn't know how to use it, that can be a big problem. Or, if she gets pulled over and a police officer sees it, shes screwed. I also think that men shouldn't carry around guns either.

    That reminds me to just put out there, did you know that they do a whole back round check when you get a dog, but when you get a gun, they don't do all that extra crap... To see if you're a criminal or not... I'm not sure if its just in my state, but seriously. That's pretty bad.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sometime pepper spray is not effective in a determined man trying to rape her. So I say she should carry a gun. In the courts women are looked at differently than men. If a woman killed a man attempting to rape her she would not get jail time. In Texas a man broke into a house and the woman shot him 5 times, she won't do any jail time.

    Pepper spray may stop some, but the ladies are better of with a handgun,and the training to use it correctly.

  • Not everyone may feel comfortable carrying a gun, or knowing how to use it, however I think as many people as possible should do so. But, having said this, anyone can easily learn to use pepper spray and everyone (women and men) should have some variety of it with them at all times. TS

  • mousey
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    7 years ago

    Of course pepper spray. Carrying a gun at al times is a bit dramatic!

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  • BT
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    7 years ago

    Pepper spray is a good thing. I'm a man and I carry a 1 million volt stun gun instead of a real gun for the same reasons.

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    I don't have any sexual reaction to a guy who carries a gun. Actually, I'd be pretty freaked out if I knew one right now, since gun-control laws in Canada are as strong as they can possibly get (although we are allowed hunting rifles). When I move to the U.S., I'm definitely getting myself a handgun. Yes, you can make the same argument about a woman who carries a stun gun or Mace, but that wouldn't make much sense, either.

  • 7 years ago

    Pepper spray id you dont know how to use a gun.

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    Pepper Spray or any other non-lethal defense product like stun guns. Many available at

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    Pepper spray. Self-defense classes are an extremely good idea as well.

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