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Child abuse, neglect what?

This might seem a bit stupid but I figured why not. My step mother has 3 kids( my half siblings) and she doesn't clean, ever. Her house is always nasty, the kids can't even sleep in their beds because of junk piled up. Im sure the flooring in the bathroom and laundry room is rotted out because of years of piled clothes + moisture.... It's just bad.... But my question here is what is this? It's not healthy for the kids, this can't be legal and if it's not what law is she breaking? Like I said this might seem stupid but I want to be clear when I report her.

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    the very least of her crimes would be child endangerment, if she does't clean then she probably don't cook either, and that's abuse, is their clean clothes, proper enviroment, heat,running water, electricity, and that sort of thing.then that would be neglect. i would be willing to go out on a limb here and say she is breaking all those laws. and she should be reported, not just for the children's sake but for her own. she is probably suffering depression or just maybe plain lazy and nasty,there are people out there like that. good luck, and don't loose ur nerve in reporting her to the authorities, u can do it , without her knowing it was u that did the reporting.

    Source(s): my own child abuse upbringing,.
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    If you intend to report her then go ahead. The agency will determine what needs to be done. The conditions you have described are deplorable and definitely not acceptable in which to raise children.

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    Report this its neglect

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    Thats horrible. Please do report her.

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