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1. There were several ________ in that novel that I didn’t understand.

A. passages B. beans C. wings D. debaters

2. It’s a _________ that cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

A. myth B. ounce C. innocence D. precision

3. They stood _________ each other across the table.

A. apart B. cruel C. opposite D. seriously

4. Dora is one of those who helped to establish the stamp collecting __________.

A. society B. nursery C. distance D. cigarette

5. My _______ dream is to be an actor.

A. mutual B. partial C. remarkable D. ultimate

6. I have an __________ pain in my back.

A. fortunate B. passionate C. scientific D. intense

7. Don’t open the file because it might _________ a virus.

A. rely B. seek C. persist D. contain

8. They got married last year after a long __________.

A.youth B. billion C. romance D. aircraft

9. Children of scientists often ________ in the areas of math and science.

A. excel B. assist C. shade D. contrary

10. The car ________ into the wall and then exploded.

A. angled B. crashed C. praised D. resisted

11. Investors were _______ by the sudden drop in the stock market.

A. dawned B. skated C. alarmed D. recommend

12. His determination has ________ his boss.

A. impressed B. roasted C. cautioned D. established

13. Fine _______ make fine birds.

A. loafs B. sexes C. feathers D. architectures

14. This butterfly is ________ by its natural disguise.

A. noted B. tided C. insure D. protected

15. When I am bored, I ________ myself by singing.

A. cast B. amuse C. sake D. telegram

16. Adam was _______ by her skill at the guitar.

A. amazed B. averaged C. defended D. survived


17. Could you _______ this gift up for me?

A. support B. wrap C. honor D. offend

18. If you stay very still, the bee probably won’t _________ you.

A. proof B. sting C. renew D. tiresome

Update 2:

19. I need to go to the police office to _______ my visa.

A. stair B. extend C. prison D. unknown

20. John was _______ to quit smoking.

A. misted B. aid C. compelled D. frightened

Update 3:

21. The woman _________ her husband of being dishonest to her.

A. rayed B. chewed C. pitted D. accused

22. How old was your baby when she learned to ________?

A. tidy B. string C. crawl D. attract

Update 4:

23. The lyrics of this song _______ me of my first girlfriend.

A. remind B. memory C. trust D. sucken

24. I have lived here _______ over 8 years.

A. in B. since C. for D. from

Update 5:

25. What’s that _______ eating? It looks delicious.

A. you B. I C. you’re D. they

26. Nearly 50% of workers have jobs that they are unsatisfied with. Don’t let this _______


A. is B. are C. to be D. be

Update 6:

27. Most people are so accustomed to advertising that they hear it ______ listening and

see it ________ looking.

A. with… with B. with… without C. without… with D. without…without

Update 7:

28. It was in 1995 with “Toy Story” ____ artists produced the first fully

computer-generated animated movie.

A. so that B. that C. because D. however

Update 8:

29. ________ scientists argue about the dangers of acid rain and global warming, they

agree on one thing: fossil fuels won’t last forever.

A. But B. When C. Although D. Whoever

Update 9:

30. The author of this book argues that instead of freeing our time, e-mail is, in fact,

occupying more of ________.

A. him B. them C. me D. it

31. This is a website devoted to _________ youth to get fit.

A. encourage B. encouraged C. encouraging D. have encouraged

Update 10:

32. Latin is still very much in use in different forms across the world today. Therefore, it

is ________ a dead language.

A. free from B. anything but C. by all means D. as soon as

Update 11:

33. Stories of ________ who have gone through great difficulties can encourage us when

we face similar struggles.

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

Update 12:

34. At the ________, no more than 2% or 3% of most countries’ energy comes from

renewable sources.

A. moment B. current C. presently D. temporary

35. Brazil is one of the largest and most populous ________ in the world.

A. country B. countries C. century D. centurie

Update 13:

36. Taiwan’s ________ population in 2004 was 22,749,838.

A. estimated B. estimating C. estimate D. estimation

37. I have never had a full-time job, but I have _______ my father in his business.

A. worked B. been C. liked D. helped

Update 14:

38. ________ Spanish and Portuguese are spoken in Latin America.

A. All B. Have C. Language D. Both

39. The World Wide Web was _________ by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

A. profound B. developed C. searching D. painted

Update 15:

40. I usually work quite late, sometimes _______ 11 pm.

A. under B. since C. morning D. until

Update 16:


First Aid is the emergency care of a victim of sudden illness or injury until more

skillful (41) treatment is available. First aid may save a life or improve certain vital

signs (42) pulse, temperature, a patent (unobstructed) airway, and breathing. In minor

Update 17:

emergencies, first aid may prevent a victim’s condition (43) worsening and provide relief

from pain. First aid must be administered as (44) as possible. In the case of the critically

injured, a few minutes can make the difference (45) complete recovery and loss of life.

Update 18:

41. A. metal B. medical C. meal D. method

42. A. including B. include C. included D. includes

43. A. from B. above C. below D. with

44. A. more quickly B. quick C. most quickly D. quickly

45. A. against B. both C. between D. become

Update 19:

Fighting with the fists for sport and spectacle is probably as old as sport itself.

Boxing contests are found throughout antiquity. Greek boxers would wear boxing gloves

(not padded) and wrappings on their arms below the elbows, but were otherwise naked

when competing.

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    1. A

    2. A

    3. C

    4. A

    5. D

    6. D

    7. D

    8. C

    9. A

    10. B

    11. C

    12. A

    13. C

    14. D

    15. B

    16. A

    17. B

    18. B

    19. B

    20. C

    21. D

    22. C

    23. A

    24. C

    25. C

    26. D

    27. D

    28. B

    29. C

    30. D

    31. A

    32. B

    33. D

    34. A

    35. A

    36. A

    37. D

    38. D

    39. B

    40. D

    41. B

    42. A

    43. A

    44. D

    45. C

    46. D

    47. B

    48. B

    49. A

    50. D

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