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If I eat fish, chicken, and steamed vegetables for a month..?

And nothing else, how much weight could I lose? This would be permanent, not a "crack diet."

I'm looking to make healthier choices. My current diet consists of whatever is available at the time.

I weigh 255, and I'm 6'2. I hope to lose 75 - 100lbs this year.

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    In the vicinity of 2 - 3 kilos a week would be a healthy speed to lose it at .... and if you stuck to lean chicken (minus the fat and skin) and fish and steamed vegies you would definitely drop at least a kilo or two a week ........ more if you exercised daily .....ensure you trim the chicken fat and skin ....... don't over indulge in potatoes .... don't cook with refined oils .... eliminate vegetable oils, soy oils, canola oils....... and replace them with organic unrefined cooking oils like almond or coconut oil or ghee or unrefined organic olive oil .... or use just a half teaspoon of plain old butter to cook your chicken etc....saturated fats such as butter aren't diabolical for you ....... it's the transfats like margarine and refined cooking oils that will produce heart disease et at ...... and don't use margarine either ....... refined hydrogenated oils and margarine contain trans fatty acids that will do more than make you gain weight ...... they'll torch your vitality .. but i'll leave you to research that one ..... suffice to say that refined oils and margarines simply rot you from top to toe ..... your system actually needs good fats to digest and absorb nutrients and your brain needs the good fats to function optimally.

    ditch "whatever is available at the time".......... you shouldn't eat foods containing "ingredients" .. the foods you eat should BE ingredients.



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    Can't hurt. Check out the paleo/primal diets - that's pretty much what you're describing, and can be very healthy overall. Diet is only part of the situation though - gotta move more as well. Don't commit to losing 75-100 pounds in a year either. That's a lot. Aim for half that, and then perhaps the rest later.

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