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thinking of starting the nursing program, but my son is starting pre k?

I have all my basics for the nursing program and I have time now to take the TEAS test that is a requirement for the program and to apply for the program to start in the fall. However, my son will be starting prek in the fall and I dont want to miss out on his field trips etc. and also there is a volunteer parent schedule that is required for the pre k program. This particular pre k is at my daughters school and at the school that my son will be attending for kindergarten which is why I want him at this pre k even though there is one closer to my home. My son has anxieties about going to school and is very attached to me and I thought that being at the school he would later be attending would be best to help him adjust. The one closer to my home would allow my husband to be able to pick him up at 2 and then come home until time to pick up my daughter, whereas going to the other would mean going to the school at two and waiting til my daughter gets out at three. In other words a lot of complication which is no problem for me because I am a stay at home mom and will do whatever is best for my children but my husband works second shift meaning he would have to do all that and then rush home to get ready for work, giving him less than thirty minutes to get ready. All this ofcourse is if I wasnt home by the time they had to be picked up. i wont know until I start how the time schedule will be and there isnt any way for me to find out, that ofcourse makes it difficult to plan this thing out. My question is though while my fmaily needs the money very much should I go ahead and do this even with all the complication that comes with it or should I wait til next year. I just feel like I am at a crossroads because I want to be able to help my family financially but at the same time know that my children will only be small once and don't want to miss out on those things. Plus don't really know if I would have anyone available to do the required volunteer time. Or should I send him to the pre k closer by??? making it more convenient for me to go on into the program and get started?? Sorry so lengthy and any advice is appreciated.

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    7 years ago
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