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Are there any other sites that pay by check or paypal better than ones like PTC's and InboxDollars?

The PTC's are very slow, making 10 cents a day really, but I do have CashnHits, PlanetBux, and Clicksense which don't take long to do and I just do to end up getting a few dollars each month in paypal for ebay. Planet Bux seems the best right now.

And then there are survey sites like Inbox Dollars but you can't do others because they often have teh same surveys and it's a hassle getting new email's to do them. I'm close to the $30 payout there.

I can't make websites and I'm not a great writer. Are there any other ways to make a quick $1-$50? I'm on mylot too, but it is pretty slow too, maybe $10 max a month.

Any other sites or types of sites that don't require filling out tax forms?


I made a few hundred off chacha and student of fortune, but chacha isn't hiring right now and I have a student of fortune account with $250 in it but I can't get it out because now they require tax information and I don't have a way to send it in. I've been trying to find a person with a SOF account and we would exchange money and split it with Paypal.

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