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How much do you like Carole Lombard?

I loved her! She was awesome.

BQ, Do you think Clark Gable really deserved her? From all I have read, she was very devoted to him when they were married. but he was clearly not at all, since he was having an affair Iwith Lana Tuner at the time Carole died, she knew he was messing around with her, and took a plane home to get back to Clark Gable faster and it crashed. just my own personal view.

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    I've only seen the last few movies she made before she died and I remember being blown away, not only by how beautiful she was but what an actress she was. It shocked me when I found out she had died so young, strangely left me a bit heartbroken despite it happening so long agao.

    As for Clark Gable, hard to say because yes he messed around but the fact out of all his wives he chose to be buried next to Carole must mean something.

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  • Erika
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    My Man Godfrey with William Powell Twentieth Century with John Barrymore No Man of Her own To Be Or not to Be handy living Mr And Mrs Smith with Robert Bernard Law Montgomery(Elizabeth's father) Lombard was once not only a beautiful face(although she had a scar on her cheek that might be disguised with makeup and lights)she was a first-rate comedienne in an age the place stunning ladies weren't supposed to be humorous. She used to be a just right-natured,funloving girl who loved playint outrageous pranks on cat and crew and would swear like a sailor (and it was once humorous!)She might handle drama with the pleasant of them and did not take herself significantly. Her premature and tragic dying was once the speak of Hollywood and every person who knew her grieved her passing,chiefly Clark Gable,her then husband.

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  • 4 years ago

    She is my favorite female actress comedian of all time. So beautiful and so much herself. And very physical and relaxed out there in the world, and at home. Loved her man in-spite of his big flaws. There was no substitute for Carole.

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  • Mack
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    7 years ago

    I am not familiar with her work.

    BA= No. He was a romeo of many women.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Do you think this was all way before your time young lady....I'm surprised you even know who these people are ;)

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