problems the native american genocide created ?

what are some problems that still linger around because of the native american genocide

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    Personally, I think it has has affected the health of the last remaining Native Americans more than we realize. Most people assume that the diseases the Europeans brought over swept through like a torrent and then fizzled out, that's not entirely accurate. In my case, and the case of my family members, we are still affected by environmental factors introduced by the Europeans.

    For one, our bodies are not genetically capable of dealing with diseases, foods, and lifestyle of the European race. I am half-Native, and I still have a TON of problems. I have a severe milk protein allergen, my body doesn't produce the correct enzyme to break the protein down. I also have food allergies to peanuts, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners. My doctor actually told me it was because of my race. In addition, my dentist and orthodontist had a horrible time deciphering what to do with my teeth, for numerous reasons also related to race. (Google this is you want more info, there's several articles on it) though not a problem in my family specifically, there are higher rates of obesity and diabetes among the Native People, it's sadly in our genes and European influence has not helped this one bit.

    Also (I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned this) in my experience I've had a lot of people say "oh my g-g-g grandmother was Half-whatever." And people who know that I'm native feel obligated to tell me that, almost like its a crutch that they lean on for whatever reason. It was always odd to me how people did this, maybe worth some further research on all the complicated social dynamics of such a topic, hmm? D;

    And last, but certainly not least; the subject of us "half-breeds." I attended junior high-high school in a predominantly Caucasian, Christian-based school in the Southern US. (I would like to note that I am predominately Cherokee and Catawba, Eastern Tribes who are genetically lighter skinned and haired than the Southern and Western Tribes) I found that upon first glance, people would label me as "white" because of my appearance. When I would kindly explain to them that I was actually half-Native, they would entirely disregard my mild correction and continue to clump me in with the majority, until I just couldn't stand it anymore, or until I boldly began stating my religious beliefs (which in actuality is not that different from Christianity) after which, I experienced a great deal of social misunderstanding. Many people would ask questions about my culture, my Tribal Citizenship, modern day issues for Native Americans, and even my religious beliefs as a Cherokee. The more intolerant ones would label me as "pagan" and other 13th century worthy terms that sounded just as ridiculous. Overall, people were astonishingly ignorant, and therefore unsure of my beliefs/culture/etc. I think, that the whole "history" part of the Native American genocide has overshadowed the fact that we still exist (albeit in small numbers, but certainly not nonexistent) and that, just as other cultures around the world are studied in their modern forms, so should the American Indian cultures, so that we don't breed distrust and misunderstanding.

    To summarize, we focus too much on the past by remembering the genocide, rather than embracing America's indigenous culture and learning about it.(and from it)

    Source(s): Tribal Citizen of the Cheokee Nation and Catawba Indian Nation, also Comanche, Lakota Sioux, and Lemhi-Shoshone by blood.
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    I suppose that the tribes that cry foul about it are looking for attention in a bad means. I personally do not thiunk that it places them down by any means. You need to have a powerful title for a staff mascot, The Braves, Redskins, Seminoles, Chiefs...These are all proud teams and proud of their names. I'm sorry that the native american citizens received a bad deal, but it's history, it used to be over one hundred years in the past, get over it, recollect your heritage, however get over it considering that it is not going to change. You did the identical to other tribes at one factor in time. One day any one is going to return and kick our a$$es and take our land, thats the best way the human animal works. It has been repeated again and again in the course of history, everywhere the world!

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    thanks for letting me know this although it is not taught in schools because the whites are the one who introduced their education system and so they cannot reveal it.

    I also think that it is in their blood to kill gene in order to survive since Europe is a very cold country.

    What a shame, they say survival for the fittest. They disturbe peace in other countries so they can steal from them, They don t know how to approach people in peace.

    This is stealing and pride.Dont get me wrong I love them but they still feel superior to other colour,

    If they lived in the forest or in the sun they would be darker.Infact their colour is that of the American indigenous.Yet all this can be overcome by believing God and embracing other people, learn to agree with other nations. there is a very strong enmity between them and arabs because Arabs are equal the most cruel people in the name of religion.

    Jesus came to wipe all this evil genes of feeling they should wipe other people.

    Also who said being white is cute, That is just a skin attitude of taking your fellow human lesser important,

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    There are so many problems but one that comes to mind are all the natural medications, that through the years was passed onto each generation. We know so little about what nature has to offer and instead rely on a bunch of chemicals that are poisoning our children. ( SIDS and autism)

    We wiped out a whole group of people.......and no one wants to talk about it. No movies or books on it. No nothing. It's pitiful.

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  • Americans became indifferent to their genocidal ally, Kosheristan.

  • Salish
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    There are SO many issues...not just plaguing Native American communities, but non-native ones as well.

    The first that come to mind with natives, is the CONTINUED episodes of genocidal policy constantly thrown their way. Many mistakenly believe land-theft, resource theft, discrimination, violence and killing has stopped. It has reduced, yes, but is far from over. FAR from over. Here is an introduction to some of these instances.

    I can post several links that discuss the "problems" genocide has created for native americans.

    But I want to actually talk about some of the problems it has created for non-native americans. Specifically White Americans.

    The near annihilation of all native american populations has created a most profound sense of ethnocentrism is White American populations, along with a deep sense of guilt and shame, leading to an overbearing defensiveness, handed down through the generations of white americans just as trauma has been handed down through generations of Native Americans.

    Being the descendants of Europe's social rejects (not an insult, a historical fact) I imagine our ancestors had a LOT of emotional baggage when they washed up on Native American shores. Generationally oppressed by Europe's elite, many of the first Americans were seeking refuge from poverty and religious persecution. They found relief from both of these in Native American lands, where tribes helped them survive, took pity on them and treated them as equals in regards to being fellow human beings. Much better treatment then they'd ever gotten from their sovereigns back in Europe, where the belief is that the Elite are genetically superior to the common. Many Europeans were incredibly lacking in any form of Education as well and most had been raised on a diet of beer, poor grains and all around in adequate nutrition, which I believe lead to a "scavenger" lifestyle. In Europe, they had to steal, cheat feed themselves and their families, creating a culture of mistrust, deceit and low-morality. Lacking in cognitive stimulation, and possibly all fetal-alcohol effect, I do not think there was much logic or reason in regards to those first waves of Euro's.

    The betrayal of Native Americans, as well as the sense of entitlement that went along with such betrayals, exposes a culture STEEPED in selfishness and brutality. The continued attempts at exterminating these groups, and later trade of enslaving others, gave birth to an even greater sense of superiority in European that still lingers to this day in the less-educated and less intelligent of White America.

    The centuries of the horrendous crimes our ancestors committed, or allowed to happen under their noses without care are now being felt by those of us who realize...this was all really, really, really, really messed up. Our ancestors took advantage of people, of ANYBODY they could, to get what they wanted. Human beings were raped, shot down, gutted and otherwise tortured, so we could move onto their property. Others were torn from their homelands, treated like animals, beaten and broken, so they could build us those houses on that stolen property. Our ancestors were barbaric animals...the very things they accused those they oppressed of being...

    And its embarrassing. We live in an age where we generally KNOW this sh*t was messed up. Those of us who are white merely have to look around to see that there is NO mistake about it...we have an advantage. Sure, some of us are dirt poor. But still, white skin is more likely to be trusted than black in most instances. Those of us who are NOT wallowing in denial know the truth; the very things that make us seem "better off" than other races of people (even if its just social profiling) stem from generational mistreatment by our people towards those we oppress. And many of us, whether we like to admit it or not, continue to degrade and oppress those who are not-white. We hate being judged for the actions of our ancestors (I cant tell you HOW many times I have heard other white people say "I didn't enslave people and I didn't kill native americans" many of you accused a black person of pulling the 'race card', and how many of you thought nothing of wearing a "native american costume" for halloween? It's all the same mentality)

    Source(s): White people are ashamed. White people are defensive because of that shame. Or overly apologetic. Or, if they do not suffer from white guilt, typically have a very condescending, ethnocentric attitude that they are unaware of. Few are neither, and of those that are, they are typically aware of the white privilege, accepting there is nothing they personally did to be born into it, yet not defensive of the fact that it does exist. They are open-minded and aware of ethnic tensions in america, and can easily identify racism, both hostile and subliminal. But again, these people are rare.
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    Wow. Salish rocks.

    Source(s): Navajo
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