Can I install Linux Operating System on my Netbook and keep Windows there too?

Can I install Linux Operating System on my Netbook and keep Windows there too?

I have a netbook that runs Windows XP . I more less want to get rid of Windows and convert the computer to Linux

now In case i make a mistake, is it possible to install Linux and keep my Windows XP

And once I get linux installed on my Netbook, can i delete and format all my Windows XP from my system? or should i do a clean install on my netbok if i want to run Linux properly?

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  • rysavy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Linux/Unix is an working process (Kernel). Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora are regarded Linux distributions. This works for the reason that Linux is an open supply environment, similar to the Mozilla challenge (Firefox, Thunderbird, and so forth.) because of this anyone can take the Linux kernel and modify it, nearly making their possess special OS constructed across the Linux kernel. This is how Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora got here into play. Builders took the Linux kernel and modified it, creating their possess designated OS. Ubuntu is probably the most commonly accredited Linux distribution and is viewed the biggest windows competitor as far as Linux working programs are worried. There are 1000's of distributions, each and every serving a cause and each very exact and distinct. There is much more that goes into it than simply what's been mentioned here however i'm going to hold it very common. When you've never used Linux before i'd propose utilising Ubuntu. Hope this helps! Shawn

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  • wowwee
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    The Ubuntu LiveCD will definitely give you an idea what you are working with without having to install it. But after awhile, you'll probably be looking for another distro. You'd want to partition Linux separately from Windows for best performance and it won't destroy your Linux installation under Windows because *ahem* Windows is so entirely secure against viruses and trojans. You could also run another distro under VirtualBox for testing. Then there is also coLinux which runs cooperatively with Windows, that is halfway in between virtualization. Netbook just usually comes without CD-ROM.

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  • 8 years ago

    go to and download the image and burn it to a cd. When you go to install it from the cd it will give you the option of installing Ubuntu alongside Windows and creates a boot screen option of running either Windows XP or Ubuntu on startup..

    Hope this helps

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