Will the Unites States ever go metric?

Sometimes I think it's a shame that such an advanced country like the USA has still not joined the rest of the modern world and gone metric like Canada has already done (admittedly, many Canadians still use miles and feet when discussing distances). I don't deny that if we did make the transition there would still be many people (including myself) who would still cling to the English system, forever carrying a conversion table with them. But I still think it would be a good idea to at least get the younger generation started on it. I once talked to an Australian and he told me that most people there don't even know what a mile is anymore now that it's been nearly 40 years since Australia metricated.

I personally have no problems thinking in meters, liters, or centimeters. A meter being close to a yard, a liter being nearly a quart, and a centimeter a little less than half an inch. I can convert kilometers to miles fairly easily but have problems trying to think in kilometers by itself. Getting used to centigrade would be my biggest challenge but once again I think we should at least get the younger generation started on it.

If we don't make an effort to fully metricate I would at least like to see us make a partial transition by giving up selling gas by the gallon. It's really not all that hard to calculate that if a liter of gas sold for 85 cents it would be about $3.21 a gallon.

I invite your comments.

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    The United States will eventually adopt the metric system, as its primary system of measurement. The metric system is an official system of weights and measures and its adoption is voluntary. Already many companies and organisations throughout the United Sates are either partly metric or fully metric. It has been estimated that about 50% of companies businesses and industry use metric measures.

    Some examples where metric measures are used...

    Hospitals and medical practitioners.

    The military particularly the Army and USMC.

    The Auto industry (Ford GM Chrysler)

    NASA is officially metric.

    Science and Technology companies/organisations.

    During the last 50 to 60 years metric measures have been advancing within the United States and worldwide. Its has been slow in the United States, but it has been generally a forward movement. It makes no sense to remain in measurement isolation, using measures that are becoming globally redundant. Its inevitable that we will eventually adopt the metric system, but its going to take at least another 50 to 60 years before it occurs. Its more likely to to occur state by state, than nation wide.

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    The US should never go metric.

    I am Australian, in the old days gas went up by the gallon, now it goes up by the litre. There are 4 litres in a gallon.

    Get the picture, your prices will sky rocket.

    The Australian you spoke to is just one person, many here know what a mile is. It's easier for me to think in feet and inches, rather than meters. I was a child at school when we changed. Some will never adapt to the change, it's just too hard.

    The answer below is a good one.

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    Canada should never have gone metric. Thank God the United States has been smart enough to maintain their version of the imperial system.

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    Not until they pry my 12" ruler from my cold dead hands.

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