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夜光的英文 哪個比較正確?(急)

在網站字典看到有兩種意思 但不知到哪個是正確的?

luminous發光的; 夜光的; 光輝的

Noctilucent 夜光:夜光雲

不懂這兩個 是怎樣?


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    Shall be "noctilucence", because "nocti" means "night" (夜). "lucence" means "light".

    Your choices are all adjectives:

    "luminous" just for light, it doesn't imply "night"

    "noctilucent" is "夜光的", not "夜光"

    even though a simple phrase; "night light" can still mean "夜光", but it can also mean "夜灯". Hence, "noctilucence" is a better word.

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    People might take "luminous" as "夜光" might be from "luminaria" (or "farolito"), both words are Spanish. It is used in New Mexico, where people use them around Thanksgiving or X-mas. It is used to tell God where they are. These luminarias are placed around the house.

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    Please refer to:

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    Please refer to English definition of "luminous", you will see there is NO implication of "night" in its meaning:

    If you use Chinese translation, it might contain "夜光的", it is misleading!

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    ------nocturnal adjective, happening during the night:eg:-

    a nocturnal light / cloud.

    luminous adj, shining in the dark; giving out light:- luminous paint/ or hands on a clock.

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