Help with deciding which Fashion course is more beneficial for my future?

If I'm looking to photograph people in fashion or work hands on with styling, like being a stylist or wardrobe consultant, or assisting things in runway productions, should I lean more towards a workshop for fashion design or fashion merchandising/marketing?

The courses I'm looking at, if I do design, I would be drawing, draping, computer aid design and studying modern fashion, whereas in merchandise/marketing I would be studying 20th century fashion, buying, retail/swot, textiles, cosmetic industry, and global merchandise. I feel like since I want to photograph models and fashion, modern study would be beneficial, but I also want to look into styling and dressing celebrities before an interview or a show/concert.

I am trying hard to get into FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and major in Fashion Modeling; photography, business, how to style models, cosmetic, etc.. so I was wondering which summer workshop would be a better choice, regarding the career I would like to pursue. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You appear not to understand the reality that most students in Fashion School never get real career "Fashion" careers. (Selling clothes for minimum wage at KMart doesn't count).

    Don't waste your time and money on "Fashion School.". You need to put away your Barbie dolls and choose something adult to study.

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