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Drafted as a U16 AA player in hockey?

My current hockey accomplishments are 20 goals and 15 assists (currently) in the season, trying to break last year's assists record of 29 assists in 23 games and 21 goals in 23 games. I'm more of a playmaker/power forward, I'm not afraid to hit or get hit. I'm leading in assists on my high school team with 7 assists in about 6 games (our high school team sucks, I could easily have over 15 if our team was better). I set a clubhouse record over the summer in an elite development program for fastest time around the rink at 16.02 seconds at 500 feet (one lap). I was chosen to play in the chowder cup tournament in Boston without a tryout and was moved up two lines to play against the D1 college players, prep school players, and semi-pro players and got 3 assists in one game playing against them. I also led our high school hockey team to the first ever playoff quarter-final in school history my freshman year (I'm still a freshman). The head of my travel program said I was getting better and better every month, I was even the first to be picked for a newly established AAA team. There were legitimate scouts at my games, it wasn't a popularity contest within the organization. The Chesapeake Wave is the team that will be playing in tournaments only and scrimmages between other AAA teams. Next year I will be playing Midget U16 National (AA) Minor and hope to get drafted the year after at 16 years old into the USHL or CHL. Is this possible if I continue to preform to my highest?

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    If this was just meant to list your accomplishments, awesome, success. Seeing as I don't think any of us are scouts (though LITY is a former scout........ but I digress), I have no idea why you're asking here.

    Write a letter to USHL/CHL coaches, managers and scouts and ask them. They will have a whole lot better insight for you.

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    I care bearing directly to the draft and which gamers my team selects. It supplies me an perception as to what the gang is thinking relating to the direction of the corporation. it is likewise marvelous to verify the place the community boys are heading. so some distance as whilst a definite participant became drafted it is on the gang, no, i do no longer probably care. till of direction we finally end up with a dud for a accepted around p.c.. and bypassed some studs to get him.

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