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What are the odds that you will die from a bullet fired from an assault rifle?

I'm thinking probably about the same as you winning the lottery.


@Bad Baby: Those kids died from shots fired from hand guns. He left the assault rifle in the trunk.

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    The 222 was insufficient, so they made the 223. the military accepted it but Remington was not satisfied so they made the 222 Remington mag. Our NATO allies were not happy with the 223 so they made the 5.56 NATO. Our troops in Afghanistan are not happy so more and more they are using the older 308.

    I would rather be shot with a 5.56 NATO than a 45 ACP.

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    The odds would depend on the time of the year, time of the day, atmosphere conditions, whether it was intentional or unintentional shot at you, angle at which the bullet was fired and many other unpredictable circumstances.

    The odds of any one individual getting killed by a bullet that was shot straight up into the air are actually much "better" than odds of winning the lottery. Somewhere around 1 in 6,000. Having said that all of previously noted circumstances would play a role for example bullet fired straight up into the air that has reached terminal velocity would kill you. On the other hand if the bullet was fired at a smaller angle it would not reach terminal velocity and would more than likely bruise or cause injury rather than death (unless it was traveling at or more than 218.9 kilometers per hour at the time of impact).

    Note: The above odds are for firearms in general and the odds of 1 in 6000 are over the lifetime not per year. The Odds for specific weapons could be calculated (theoretically) if we had data on types of weapons and numbers of those weapons used in the country. The data was calculated for the USA.

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    That depends on where you tend to hang out.

    Your odds are greatly reduced if you avoid malls, schools, and political events.

    Edit. You are wrong about the rifle being in the car. That was just a sloppy news reporter getting it wrong in all the confusion.

    He had the Bushmaster AR-15 and 2 pistols with him inside, he left a shotgun in the car.

    Little Noah Posner was shot 11 times with the AR-15.

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    It wasn't even an AR-15 in the trunk. If you look close it was a Saiga 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun. They use magazines instead of a tube like you'll see on most shotguns. One of the dead giveaways is the officer is clearing it by the charging handle on the side...an AR-15's charging handle is located on the rear behind the rear sight. The "rounds" that is ejecting out of it is wayyy too big to be a 223. Remington. They were 12-gauge shells.

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    Well according to the FBI 323 people were killed by rifles in 2011, about 50 or so were justified, now they don't specify the type of rifle used, but even a generous estimation of 2/3 being "assault rifles" that's about 1/1,700,000

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    attack rifles are no longer attainable to the final public with out type III license. in case you're speaking with regard to the AR-15, it extremely is a semi computerized rifle, which skill one bullet fires with each and every set off pull.

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    The odds of me, personally, are much higher than that of your average joe.

    Source(s): People win the lottery everyday.
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    But the children, man . It's for the children you need to give up your rights.

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    Probably similar odds to being killed by a meteor.

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    Hey Those kids should had better odds. But they didn't.

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