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Great place to live between Boston Harbor and Marlboro, MA?

I am a recent college graduate looking to live with my significant other somewhere fun and lively but not too crazy between our jobs-by the Harbor and in Marlboro. What are good places to look for apartments?

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    Newton, Brookline and Waltham

    ognore the person that said Framingham, Framingham sucks

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  • dawe
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    3 years ago

    confident and no. i've got lived here for 3 years (graduate college). There are great aspects of Boston, and not-so-great. the great: this is an quite fascinating city-the two in shape and organic attractiveness (Charles River,and so on.) an quite youthful, exciting city with a colourful nightlife and loads of events happening. this is quite complicated to get bored in Boston. It additionally has stunning public transportation, so there is no prefer for a vehicle. there are a number of schools/universities here, so this is an quite multicultural city. I surely have met many associates from around the worldwide residing here. The no longer-so great: Boston is quite high priced- exceedingly hire costs. a million,800 for a studio condo? Are you kidding me? the cost of residing is commonly very severe, to boot. each and every thing from food market costs to laundry is greater high priced than in diverse places. the climate is likewise terrible. loads of snow, great windy and winters that final 8 months... It would not somewhat get heat and sunny till the tip of would or June. the climate has a tendency to electrify human beings's demeanor, to boot.. once you go searching the subway, human beings look depressed and no person is making eye touch or smiling. the foremost's, all cities have experts and cons. i'd say with Boston, the pros outweigh the cons.

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  • Libby
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    7 years ago

    I'd say Newton or Framingham/Natick area.

    Newton would be closer to Boston a bit more expensive, but traveling to Boston would be worse traffic - so it would be a nice compromise. Newton is nice, good restaurants, and things to do. Framingham/Natick would be less expensive but a more difficult commute for Boston (just because of the amount of traffic going into Boston). It is not as nice as Newton, but there is also alot in that area.

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