Has the corporate machine exploited the artistic genius of African-Americans to promote chaos?

Any one who knows American history, knows that American music almost always has Black origins ( Blues , Jazz, Disco , Rock & Roll you name it )

The artistic creativity of African-Americans, and maybe even Black people generally by extension is undeniable. But I feel that , that creativity energy to create powerful , revolutionary art , has been co-opted by the decidedly non-Black owned corporate machine to send out negativity & chaos into the world.

National geographic says Gangsta Rap, is probably one of the most listened to genres of music not just in America, but among youth around the world. Music that can be used to inspire change & hope & positivity, is instead used to celebrate destruction , violence , self-hatred & mysogyny on a global scale.

A song like , "Ni99az in Paris " by Jay-Z, has the power to have stadiums of youth ( mostly White ) yelling at the top of their lungs about how much they want to have sex , or party or whatever. That same power never seems to be used to bring attention to the prison industrial complex, gentrification , etc etc

Music is powerful , music made by Black people is extremely powerful , but the energies sent out from that music , atleast this latest corporatized version of the genius artform created by African-Americans & Afro-Latinos in the Bronx seems to be sending out all the wrong vibes

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  • Hugh
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    7 years ago
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    I don't know about promoting chaos but $$$$ most definitely. I do believe certain power structures in America intentionally promoted mindless frivolous music over conscious music. Especially when you had White artist like 3rd Base talking about the White devil and White kids in middle America converting to Islam because of the 5% influence in Hip-Hp. This scared a lot people in power. Once it was noticed that street or Gangster rap was more popular than conscious Hip-Hop the financial incentive coincided with the social control incentive. Basically you had the corporations and the government sharing the same interest to promote negative music but for different reasons and goals. Every negative stereotypes of Blacks has been concocted by Whites. Blacks have self perpetuated these images but from the begging of media these images where set in place by Whites. From Uncle Toms Cabin, To the Making of a Nation to Amos & Andy Whites created these images. Growing up in a society flooded with these images some Blacks have replicated what they have been exposed to and just as Amos & Andy was popular with Whites so is Trinidad James

  • dlobik
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    3 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    I agree White owned special interest groups do profit off the success of black rappers and all famous people (of all races). BUT I thought Jay-Z owned his own record label..thats besides the point. I feel these big corporations started investing in up coming rappers because thats what people listen too. As long as people still listen to rappers putting out ignorant bullshit (lil wayne, tyga, 2chainz, Niki minaj etc) they will promote them..If Tupac were to come around now I'm sure his art would go unappreciated..unheard...because thats how our society is changing. Its a very bleak future I see for American youth..masses of idiots whos soul purpose in life is living for themselfs..not dealing with the consequences of their selfish acts, we glamorize ignorance now a days..and that is the downfall of our modern civilization.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    According to Winton Marcellus, corporate America stifled and inhibited his father's and brother's jazz careers. The corporate world wouldn't recognize them and didn't pay them well. Even when they made recordings, the corporate broadcasters didn't play their stuff!!!

    A black painter I know isn't getting recognition she deserves. She was recently snubbed at a gallery opening.

    That's a helluva long way from exploiting their art and music. Quite the opposite.

    Source(s): I've been here for 3/4 of a century, and seen a lot more than you
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  • 7 years ago

    first i just want to day it was black people who created those styles because they were mostly made in america.

    anyway i completely agree with your statement. music is powerful. it had the power to influence human negatively or positively, and if all music now is techno,party, music that promotes drug use, alcoholism , and sexual promiscuity amongst youths , the what do you expect to happen to society. and if you noticed most popular music is like that, but no one sees the conspiracy.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think you are so right. But you kind of have to blame the black people too for even coming up with the stuff. But yes, corporate is wrong for making it so huge.

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