How many Jupiter would fit inside the sun?

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    To figure out how many Jupiters would fit inside the Sun, we just need to compare the volumes of Jupiter and the Sun. If we assume that both Jupiter and the Sun are spherical, then their volumes can be determined from V=(4x pi x R^3)/3. The radius of the Sun is about R=695,000 km, so the volume of the Sun is about V=1.4x10^18 km^3. I wrote this down in scientific notation (the x10^18 part) because it is kind of a pain to type 1,400,000,000,000,000,000 (I hope I counted my zeroes correctly!). The radius of Jupiter is about R=69,911 km, so Jupiter's volume is about 1.4x10^15 km^3. If we divide the volume of the Sun by the volume of Jupiter, we get about 1x10^3, which means that 1,000 Jupiters would fit inside the Sun.

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    How Many Jupiters Can Fit In The Sun

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    The diameter of the sun is almost exactly 10 times the diameter. Volume is proportional to diameter cubed. That means that the volume of the sun is 1000 times the volume of Jupiter. So you could fit 1000 Jupiters in the space of the sun. That assumes you could change the shape of each Jupiter so that they could all be packed in with no spaces in between. Since Jupiter is mostly or all gas, this would not be too hard.

    On the other hand, since Jupiter is mostly gas, you couldn't actually put it inside the sun because it would evaporate before it got close to the surface of the sun.

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    Fred jones

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      Why post a **** answer when you haven't a clue?? I don't understand the thinking of idiots like you! People are here seeking knowledge. Providing poor knowledge is awful!

      One may see your answer, assume it's correct, and spread this incorrect "knowledge" to others who trust them.

      GROW UP!

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