Israel/Palestine related question!?

israel recently withdrew its settlements which area that palenstine Arabs claim?

Which two areas do Palenstinian Arabs partially or completely control?

Who was Yasir Arafat and why wouldn't Israel and the US negotiate with him?

What four Arab countries border Israel?

If you could answer one or more that would be kind. Also please excuse my grammar and spelling errors.


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    Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip, an area of land to Israel's South West. It still has settlements on the West Bank, to Israel's East, though. These areas are universally claimed by the Arabs.

    The Palestinians completely control the workings of Gaza, though because of security reasons Israel has initiated a blockade on the land in an attempt to protect itself. The West Bank has partial Palestinian control, with varying amounts depending on the area.

    Yasser Arafat was a Palestinian leader who lead the Palestinians, often times against peace with Israel. Many people regard him as a terrorist, especially implicating him in attacks against the State of Israel. He's now dead, the cause of death uncertain at this point but many point the finger at Israel. The evidence is rather shaky at best for that, and currently testing is being performed on some samples. I suspect that Israel is not involved with his death, since he was dying anyway due to poor health. The US doesn't negotiate with terrorists generally, but Israel has negotiated with him before. Keep in mind that during Clinton's reign, the Israelis met with him at Camp David to discuss peace. It didn't work out, but they did try to negotiate. It's actually Arafat who's said to not be able to negotiate, with President Clinton going on record with saying essentially that he made him a failure.

    The four Arab nations that border Israel are Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

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    It sounds like you teacher has a bias for the illegal and immoral state of Israel but here are your answers.

    1. Gaza.

    2. Gaza and the West Bank but the Palestinians do not really control them because Israel has built illegal colonial settlements all over the West Bank that even the United States claims are illegal and the World Court, the UN and every other legal body and national entity considers illegal.

    3. Yasser Arafat was a man who at one time represented a resistance movement with the goal of reversing the illegal seizure of Palestinian land by invading Zionists from Europe bu later in life Israel used him as a political puppet to manipulate the people of Palestine. Israel has never had any interest in peace every. Nor have any Zionists for 130 years and they make excuses about everything and made excuses about Yasser Arafat but in fact the are not trusted but any country in the world.

    4. Jordan, Egypt, Syria Lebanon.

    If you want to read a fair and objective book about Israel, read... "The Case Against Israel" by Professor Michael Neumann.

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    -Gaza and the West Bank

    -Yasser Arafat was a hero for the Palestinian cause. Israel and the US don't negotiate with anyone.

    -Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt

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