room theme what idea do you like?

im getting my room done and im thinking if i should paint my walls green and have a green fuzzy carpet to or to have a beach theme what ever 1 you choose give me ideas for the style you picked and give me some websites so i can look for stuff and please lots of ideas and my room is sort of small so pick wisely and if you put i lot of detail and time into this answer your going to give me 5 starts and a com met thank you for your help

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    Your room theme choose you is the green tropical, breezy beach theme. This theme gives you the best of both worlds.

    I'm not going to lock you into the green forest as far as paint color. These will make your room more versatile and you can always go from beach to jungle if your like and not feel locked in a green theme.

    Your wall color is going to be that soothing bluish green color. Source 1 pick the palest, lightest, color for the walls. It's the color of green with a hint of blue in it and it's a nice color that can go with a lot of themes.

    Your furniture can be white or light wood colors. The woods will be the color of the sand or you can find some nice wood furniture for cheap any color and paint it glossy white, or light sandy brown. You might want to get some pearl white craft paint and accent the furniture with that.

    You can visit many furniture stores or thrift stores for a dresser. take tape measure with you to measure!

    Get your green carpet or perhaps a nice low pile carpet with bamboo or natural designs on it. Low pile means easy clean up! You can get a green fluffy area rug or a green comforter. For windows simple and white curtains will make the small room feel light and airy. Lighting choose a light with a natural feel or one that is a color of a glass beach bottle like blue or green. You can also get paper lanterns in white or blue/green/aqua colors. Same for bedding you might like bedding with realistic fish, shells, tropical flowers, leaves even one with palm trees. If you want you can also choose your bedding in bright tropical colors as wall in abstract patterns or ones with animal photographs on it.

    Accent your room with seashells, flowers, rocks and frame your photos in wooden frames or silver ones.

    Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Targets, you might look around Macy's and JcPenny's clearance isle or catch a sale which will supply your basics also Ikea. For bedding look around for places like garden ridge, big lots, a home and bedding places that sell mainly sheets.

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    I like sheep, like a sweet dreams theme. Sheep bedding is hard to find in crib sets and toddler beds. Any kind of animal can be for either gender. Baby animals are cute!

  • 8 years ago

    Crate and barrel.

  • 8 years ago

    try they have really cool ideas and you can even create your own room and bedset

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