baby hair girl hair colour?

my hair is naturally red & my partners hair is naturally blonde as a baby white blonde.

my eyes are green & my partners are blue

my mums hair colour is black brown - my dads strawberry blonde

my partners mum- white blonde- my partners dad-brown

my partners genes are really strong his whole family are all blonde with blue eyes are look so much alike, my family all look slightly different with all different hair colour...

what will are baby girls hair turn out to be???


baby girl hair colour*

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  • Sammy
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    7 years ago
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    I would guess a dark strawberry blonde or sandy brown.

    You have two recessive genes (blonde and red mutation which means you inherited brown hair but the mutated gene turned off the dark pigment production, in order for that to happen your mother would also have been a carrier for red hair even if she didn't have it as a phenotype)

    Your partner also has two recessive genes (both blonde)


    The chances would seem higher that your child will not have the very dark hair and it will be anything from a golden brown to platinum blonde (it depends if your partner carries the mutation for red hair in which case red will also be a strong contender)


    Having said that, there is no way to be absolutely sure and genetics often make up their own rules. My parents are both blonde and only had blonde haired siblings and my hair is black which was a throw back from my great grandfather who is the only other person to have black hair in the family. The rest of the family either has brown or blonde.

  • Sabine
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    7 years ago

    For you to have red hair you would only have red haired genes because red is recessive to everything else.

    Your husband would not have a brown haired gene because brown is dominant over blonde and his hair is blonde which means he doesn't have the gene.

    Red and blonde are both recessive traits and I'm not sure which is dominant over the other so you're baby will either have red or blonde hair. I think blonde is dominant over red but I can't find a source for this. If this is the case, the baby's hair will probably be blonde unless your partner also has a red haired gene.

  • 3 years ago

    I am blond with a dismal haired husband. We have now two blonds- one an extraordinarily light just about white blond, the other a bit more honey blond. The 0.33 little one has gentle brown hair with purple highlights. Hair color will depend on a couple of genes, not just singular ones passed on from each mum or dad. For this reason there can be many specific versions of hair color, and it nearly does not subject what color the parents hair is (my mom and dad are both darkish, and had three blonds, one brunette). Eye colour is a bit more singular gene particular. Blue eyes are recessive. For a youngster to have blue eyes, it will ought to inherit a blue gene from every dad or mum. A blue eyed parent can best cross on blue genes, at the same time a brown eyed parent will have brown and/or blue eye genes, and would move on both.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Any colour. You can't tell.

    Your partner's genes are the same strength as everyone else's. It doesn't work like that.

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  • Lala
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    7 years ago

    Probably like blonde or dark blonde

  • 7 years ago

    Could even be strawberry blonde...

  • Cassie
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    It won't be darker than red

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