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Is 13 an okay age to wear mascara?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I would like to start wearing a little bit of mascara.

Is 13 an okay age to wear a little mascara?

How do I ask my mum or do I need to? I've worn mascara once or twice before and I don't think it bothered her..

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  • Ronda
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    There is no set age for wearing makeup, as long as you know how to use it. If you are mature enough to be reasonable and know how much and what type of makeup is appropriate for your age, then you should be fine. For example, a young girl of 13 can look great with a bit of lip gloss, but she would look dreadful if she showed up at school wearing eye shadow and mascara. It will only be flattering if it is age appropriate, and you wear the right look for the right place.

  • I think a little mascara is fine, I'm 13 but don't wear mascara due to the face my eyelashes are long. You can put some on and ask her if it looks good on you.

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    I was 13 when I started using mascara. It's no harm when you use it. Ask your mom for permission, I'm sure she'll understand. She's also a girl like you. Your age is also a perfect age to wear mascara.

    Goodluck! :)

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    It depends. If you already have thick eyelashes, you really don't need it :) I know a lot of girls that wear it but it isn't needed. If you're looking to make your eyes pop, try some natural eyeliner.

    My favorite beauty guru on youtube is Rachel ... I'll link her channel here ::…

    Warning, she curses, but she's really funny and I love her style :) Check out her more natural looks. .. she uses expensive makeup, but I've copied a lot of her looks with cheaper makeup from walmart and stuff. Good luck!

    ((If you don't like her stuff, just go on youtube and look up "natural makeup look" and you'll find tons of gurus with videos :)

    You shouldn't have to ask for permission at this age ... she should understand you're a teen now and you naturally want to experiment with these sort of things :) Just ask her if she can buy you some makeup. If you know exactly what you want (Like say "Mom, I really want to get some liquid foundation and some *random brand here* eyeliner...can we pick some up?" so she knows you know what you're talking about) She might limit what you can use, but if she does, don't fight it ... it's probably for the best :) You don't need to go all out and get every type of makeup under the sun lol :) Start small and have fun!

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  • Anonymous
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    Yeah thats when I started wearing mascara. I would start wearing it and see what she says because she will notice, and probably comment. It shouldn't be a big deal, unless your mom is quite uptight. And go easy with makeup when you're just starting out; a natural look is prettiest!!

  • Peter
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    7 years ago

    13 is not a bad age to use mascara.

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    13 is fine to wear mascara. Unless you think that your mom would be upset if she found out without you telling her then you should tell her but otherwise its okay not too.

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    I'm 13 and I personally don't think you need to wear any make-up but you should just tell your mom how you feel and she might say yes. Just remember you are beautiful without any make-up.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    of course just wear it n if she doesnt say anything then she is probably fine with it

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    Im sure your mom would be okay with it as long as you ask.You should be able to talk to her about things like this. (:

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