septic pump - septic tank pump?

I need a new 1/2 HP septic pump for my aerobic system. I did a search but they were all very expensive and I didn't know what was the best septic pump for the money.

I can install the septic pump myself but I need to make sure I am buying the right septic tank pump.

I would appreciate any information you can provide on, how to choose a septic pump, what is the best septic pump, what is a good warranty for a septic pump, what is the cheapest septic pump.

Thank you in advance for the helpful information

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    You need to be careful when buying a septic pump. Many septic pumps are of very low quality of over priced. Here are some things you should consider when buying a septic pump.





    Any septic pump that does well in all the above quality's will be a good septic pump. Personally I would go with this pump.

    Or any pump from here.

    and here is why.


    Tg wastewater only sells the top brands of pumps. The Schaefer pump is made by Franklin Electric on of the most well respected submersible pump manufactures. They have been making submersible pumps for over 20 years.


    If you can find a better price on the same pump buy it immediately. Personally I have never found a website that can beat there prices.


    Some pumps are made out of low quality materials. The Schaefer Pump is made of the highest quality stainless steel available.


    2 Year manufacture warranty. Need I say more?

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    What number of persons are on this septic process? The minimize section will not be mud it is crap! Your method should only must be pumped maybe every 10 years unless your drain discipline is in bad shape. If that's the case, then get your drain subject repaired, it is now not a excellent suggestion to pump the solids out of your septic system normally. The solids finally decompose and are liquefied after which transfer to the drain field. To pump this out you possibly can desire a suction pump, now not a pusher pump.

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    Have the waste water piped directly into the garden next door. Next century, your name will be honored, as you started the global movement to save mankind from poor nutrition.

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    Best I can tell you is look for product reviews on the pumps

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    check out


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