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Who attacks our constitution?

Who attacks the constitution more the left or the right.

The GOP took away slaves (Property) of the Southern states.

The GOP gave us National Parks. thus creating a enterprise.

The GOP started the environmental protection, under Lincoln to save Sequoia Trees thus stopping a private business from logging.

The GOP started the civil rights movement with Eisenhower civil rights bill to congress which LBJ shelved.

The GOP also took away the rights of Public schools (Colleges) to reject black people. But also protected with US Marshall's the right for a black man to go to a public college. (States rights)

Under Bush they put in the patriot act to protect the USA from Terrorist but invade the privacy of some Americans

The DNC allowed more slave states (after promising not to) in the 1830's which lead to the Civil war.

Under Andrew Jackson, democrat the Indians and black were denied constitutional rights.

The DNC started and allowed the KKK to stop blacks and the GOP in the south.

The DNC under Woodrow Wilson condoned the Jim Crow Laws denying black the rights.

The DNC under Wilson stated the income tax thus taking away property from citizens.

The DNC under the disguise of income tax exemption 501c3 took away the rights of churches and other nonprofits of their free speech.

The DNC then put people who owed money to the government in jail thus a debtors prison which was illegal under the constitution.

The DNC under FDR took more money from citizens under the disguise of SS, which FDR then went to court and had it made a tax.

Truman and Eisenhower both desegregated the military.

Both Bush and Obama took over private business with loans instead of letting them go bankrupt.

Obama health care will force people to buy insurance. Force is not freedom.

The DNC has attacked the right to bear (infringe) arms.

The DNC/leftest has attacked the right of a fetus to live.

The DNC/leftest has infringed on the right to worship freely by (under the disguise of the IRS) to take God out of schools. What part of not infringe don't people and judges understand?

The left continues to attack free speech which they don't agree with.

The leftest attack a conservative minority.

So in your opinion who is a greater threat to our constitution, please use facts with your answers.

Also if you know of other infringement to our constitution list them.

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    IMHO---The facts of history are pretty much moot at this point. Because a Liberal will deny and purposely ignore anything that is offensive to the "truth and way" of their chosen ideological fervor. Have you ever tried to convert a religious fanatic away from his God and prophets? It is the same with Liberals. Near impossible with no epiphany on their part. The situation now is plain.

    Liberals have our education system, entertainment and news fairly locked up. Only their voice is heard by most of our youth.

    God has been chased almost entirely out of government and public. With a resulting loss of respect for human life and morality.

    Our republicans are in such bad positions they now take two steps back and one forward. Yet still claim to be protecting American Values and the Free Market. Compromise chipping away at all 4.

    The Liberal is embedded so deep and the darkness so thick? It is much like post war Germany. Where the Allies had to undertake De Nazification to slowly pull Nazism and Prussian Militarism out of the German nation's soul.

    We now face the nightmare that it will take a major upheaval (like a war and defeat of the Left) in order to waken our fellow citizens to exactly what has happened. Our problem is not easy. Our fellow liberalized Americans are convinced both that they are more FREE than ever. And that the evils of Socialism can not possibly happen here. For now they reject the jack boot of tyranny. Yet accept easily the gruppenfuhrers and commissars as new and improved correctness.

    I see a new version of The Terror coming. Like in happened in France and Russia. Nor will it be bloodless. Standing fast may avert blood yet. Because deep down the Liberal is also now a coward.

  • 7 years ago

    I have been asking people for 30 years now, which political Party did this to us?

    The answer is both. DNC and GOP are just 2 sides of the same rotten coin. We The People get to pick heads or tails, but as you have stated, it doesn't really matter. Both Parties have us on the road to serfdom and tyranny.

    The only difference is speed. GOP takes the slow, steady road while DNC takes the fasttrack.

  • 3 years ago

    Why are Republofacsists consistently attacking our shape? final week they attacked the 1st modification over Imus applying his acceptable to loose speech. (which i don't believe) they're continually attacking the 1st modification over faith yet are to blind to realize they're doing it. This week a tragedy happens (God Bless each and all the families and human beings harmed in this tragedy) and now are paranoid concerning to the 2d modification? whilst will this end? Is Fascism what they relatively want?

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