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If I had seven days left

If I had seven days left 作文


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    If I had seven days left to live, it is likely that the curse from the Ring has become true. Too bad for that creepy little girl though because I'll be ready for her. I'd spend the first day picking out a nice chainsaw to cut her down if she dares crawl out of my 16 inch television. God only knows how she'll be able to fit through it. All the better for me if she gets stuck though. Then on the second day, I'll learn how to build a simple bomb. On the third day I will fly over to the well that she got thrown down into and drop the bomb down at her. Seriously, she's not the first person to be dropped down a well and she won't be the last one either. She needs to get over herself. On the fourth day, I will return home and start my elaborate plans on booby-trapping my house in case she still wants to come. I'll start off by smothering super glue on the floor in front of my television. The following two days, I will go say my goodbyes to my family and friends just in case the girl turns out to be Goku from Dragonball Z who never seems to die. Finally, on the last day, the day of the fated encounter, I will prepare myself for the worst. Who am I kidding, there won't be a final day, I didn't even watch the movie.

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    If I had seven days left, I would use my time to be with my family. I would talk to my parent more so that I would not have regret. I would use my money to buy some presents to my friend. I hope the present can make my friends feel happy.

    If I had seven days left, I would do all the things I want and I like. I would read more books and know more knowledge. Also, I would be more kind and helpful to all the people I meet. I hope they can have a good memory within this seven days.

    If I had seven days left, I would make good use of all my time!

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    You can tell me how many words, maybe I can write it again:)

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