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Can't , ask ,mask 的發音

Hello guys! I just came back from Aussie and I have few questions to ask.

When they pronounce can't ,they didn't say can't ,they said something like cun't


And when they said mask and ask ,there isn't any ㄟsound.

Which one is the correct one?

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    Both are correct.Just because people who live in different place have different


    British say "可阿恩特"

    American say "可ㄟ恩特"

    And in the past,Aussie used to be a British colony.

    Last summer,I have been to British.And I also couldn`t adapt their accent soon.

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    可ㄟ恩特is the right one


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    歐洲國家英語發音受到本國語言影響,加上地域關係,傾向英式發音,這些 a 都發「阿」的音。 所以 can't 發「卡嗯特」,mask 「罵死可」, ask 「阿死可」。

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