Did Janet Reno give the ATF agents Medals of Honor after their actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge?

These police actions bore so many similarities to other gun-grabs, like say Wounded Knee, that it made me wonder...




...will Obama get the honor of such a glorious gun-grab like he is pushing for?


I'm so glad we can trust the feds, that heck, I might turn my guns-a-ground.

Update 2:

@Eliot ~ Those same Feds gave the Indians weeks, what's your point?

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    Clinton and Reno violated Posse Comitatus at Waco. To use the military against our own citizens is a violation of the Constitution and they both should have been impeached for it. They used Army helicopters and an Army tank. Violations of Federal law. Just like Obama telling the DEA not to enforce Federal law. That is obstruction of justice, a Federal felony and an impeachable offense. The crooks in Congress know it and do nothing except take the pay raise he bought them off with.

    The Sheriff in Waco told the Feds to back off. He had a good relationship with Korish and could take him into custody without violence when he came into town. The Left is so concerned with Constitutional Rights unless it goes against their Socialist propaganda views. Korish had guns the Feds claimed were illegal with no proof, and witness's from inside said that the accusation of child molestation was not true.

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    I don't think so. They mostly focused on vilifying "constitutionalists" as being wackos to be feared by the sheep.

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    If you think Koresh was some kind of hero maybe you are as nuts as he was. Koresh would have been planting his seed in your wife if you had been a member of his cult.

    He was doing that with his cult victims already.

    4 BATF officers were murdered Koresh's doomsday cult when they tried presenting a search warrant.

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    You haven't read the real story of Waco. The bad guys had days to give up - but they wouldn't.

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    We've come for your guns. And "Thank you" for registering your gun, so we'd know where to find you.

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