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Can I convince my doctor to allow me to do this..?

I was diagnosed with a mild form of hypothyroidism. my family doctor is very understanding..and she said that the test results didn't show any signs of hashimotos...she said my immune system is just fine, NONE anti bodies attacking it showed up on those lab tests. she clarified that what I have is a MILD form of hypothyroidism, she didn't even say it, she only said the lab test shows my thyroid is a little bit under active. she referred me to an endocrinologist. the endocrinologist said I should give synthroid a try first, but I am not okay with taking synthetic drugs. I am thinking that I would like to just have a lifestyle change, like taking the supplements I need to boost my thyroid function, like doing aerobic exercises, like not eating or avoiding foods that contain goitrogens...that's my idea on how I want to take care of this problem. I understand that hypothyroidism is serious, but my lab test tells the doctors that it is only mild. I want to give it a try the natural way, and if that doesn't work than then I'll try the synthroid or armour thyroid :(


It kinda bugged me that the endo didn't even run other lab test to see if I am iodine deficient since I hardly ever consume any salt and I am always watching my diet, I used to eat a lot of broccoli, now I stopped because broccoli is goitrogenic. I am not sure what to do, I have a feeling this situation can be fixed naturally without any synthetic drugs.

Update 2:

you are obviously one of those future idiots who think synthetic drugs help you when as a matter of fact they only make you feel even more sick just so you idiots can continue ripping off people by them buying your shitty pharmaceutical drugs.

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    @pepper, the pharamacuetical industry makes millions each year, there are about 4 million americans who have hypothyroidism, and the synthetic drug synthroid is used in every case, if you knew better you would undersand that T4 needs to convert to T3, many of the symptoms people encounter with synthroid do not aliviate or far worst, they get more awful symptoms. I find armour synthroid the better of the worsts,,because it comes from grind up pig thyroids, which is more identical to human thyroid hormones..

    Asker: I would try selenium,coleus forskohlii, and L-tyrosene. often they are inculden in essential formulas for thyroid conditions...parevention is always the cure, but it looks like you have started to go hypo, prevention of it getting worst is your best bet. good luck to you c:

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