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Why are these Greedy Multi-Billionaires hoarding their money?

Warren Buffet - Democratic - Net worth $45 Billion

Larry Ellison - Democratic - Net worth $27 Billion

Christy Walton - Democratic - Net worth $24 Billion

Michael Bloomberg - Democratic - Net worth $18 Billion

Sergey Brin - Democratic - Net worth $15 Billion

Larry Page - Democratic - Net worth $15 Billion

George Soros - Democratic - Net worth $14 Billion

Steve Ballmer - Democratic - Net worth $13 Billion

Paul Allen - Democratic - Net worth $12 Billion

Jeff Bezos - Democratic - Net worth $12 Billion

Anne Cox Chambers - Democratic - New worth - $12 Billion

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    Yeah, But Mitt Romney and his measly 250 million was EVIL!


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    Half these people are renowned philanthropists. Mike Bloomberg just donated $1 Billion dollars to charities. Kinda beats the P out of your 45 cents.

    Warren Buffet wants Billionaires to pay the same rates as his secretary.

    And so on, you look the rest up like how Soros spends Billions to help start democracies all over the world.

    You can do better than throw a bunch of names in an e-mail.

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    Maybe because it is their money. Why invest in an economy when the government is hell bent on destroying it. They know they cannot be taxed on money just because they have it. They only have to pay taxes on the profit they make from interest or investments that pay off. As long as our government is determined to regulate and create road blocks for business they will continue to sit on their money instead of investing it. You people who believe Obama is Robin Hood and he is going to take from the Super Rich and give it to your sorry asses you have been mislead. If our economy is to survive they must invest and that is not likely to happen as long as Obama is in power. They did not get Super Rich by being stupid and they are not going to invest unless they are investing in a sure thing. Obama's plan is so confusing investing is risky so why would they take a risk when they don't need to? It's Common sense The problem is Obama does not have any.

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    i received't be as rich as your examples yet I have a whack of money, a lot of it earned by thirty years of medical practice yet maximum by inheritance as area of a kin rich for generations. I, too, am a Democrat. We play with the help of the rules, what rues have survived deregulation. Are you suggesting that even as following the guidelines of the land we are not entitled to discuss how unfair those rules are because we are prevailing? Do you imagine that in simple terms those who're dropping do not imagine that the taking area in container must be factor? what form of delight is there in prevailing even as the game is fixed? extra, we comprehend that the U. S. became outfitted with the help of generations, and has been maintained by the sweat and sacrifice of each citizen. it truly is hence perfect that each and each citizen earnings from the outcome of this labour and that all of us pay our justifiable percentage for the fee of upkeep. My moms and dads and grandparents fought 2 international Wars and lived by the Hoover melancholy, yet they got here out of it united and keen to pay the taxes it took to construct the full means grid and the interstate street gadget that made perfect this second's u.s. conceivable. The infrastructure became not outfitted with the help of the non-public sector, yet with the help of the tax funds all of us paid, yet perfect this second the Republicans could have you ever trust in the different case. We became tremendous by collective action. we've lost our greatness because a collection of incredibly rich greedheads have offered up the once tremendous Republican party and are using it in an attempt to maintain away from returning a percentage of the wealth that the country's collective attempt helped them earn. because some individuals are literally not contemptible and egocentric, could we be castigated or defamed? it extremely is worse, to be an straightforward human being of wealth or a gullible operating human being?

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    You forgot Bill Gates, and the infamous Al Gore.

    @Reality has a Liberal Bias

    lol that's the point the question is sarcastic because a lot liberals hate on the rich and think they are all white Republicans that were born that way and give nothing back to society. Im sure if you keep digging you will find most of the "rich" give a large percentage of there income to charity.

  • Oh, look, you don't know WTF you're talking about:

    Bloomberg donates $350 million to Johns Hopkins for research, scholarships

    Gift among largest ever; brings Bloomberg's philanthropy to university to more than $1 billion

    By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

    9:23 p.m. EST, January 26, 2013

    Warren Buffett Donates $1.52 Billion To Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

    Larry Ellison, dozens more, to give away wealth

    Oracle CEO along with George Lucas, Michael Bloomberg, and host of other billionaires say yes to call from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for charity donations.

    by Ina Fried August 4, 2010 9:40 AM PDT

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is among dozens of billionaires who have signed on to give away the bulk of their wealth to charity.

    Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have been lobbying the world's megarich to sign a "Giving Pledge" to eventually donate at least half of their fortunes. The Wall Street Journal noted on Wednesday that there are now about 40 signatories to the pledge, including Ellison, filmmaker George Lucas, IAC chief Barry Diller, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, oil tycoon (and onetime Yahoo investor) T. Boone Pickens, and more.

  • 6 years ago

    Why do you call them greedy. Billionaires yes, hoarding probably yes. Why Greedy? Why not call them smart or dumb or just not like you.

  • 7 years ago

    Why do you care? It's their money and they can do whatever the hell they want with it. What are you suggesting? That they write you a check?

    Typical democrat to demonize somebody who is successful and made a lot of money.... and who gives you the right to say what they do with their money anyways?

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    7 years ago

    Well maybe we should raise the top tax rate

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because they've bought and sold politicians like Obama.

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