Travelling in France !!! Help.?

I'm going to Lourdes in June 2013 on a pilgrimage for charity with my friends but we get a few hours free time during the day ... I'm 16 and want to explore France and was wondering is there any surrounding interesting places around that area like Toulouse or Bordeaux and what could we do there? Best cheapest transport to the cities please also?? And would Paris be a bit of a stretch? ..... Merci :):):)

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  • Cabal
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    8 years ago
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    If you only have a few hours in Lourdes then there's no way for you to visit anything but Lourdes. You can maybe take the bus to Tarbes or Pau, the nearest cities, but that's about it and the trip will be between 30 mn to one hour one way.

    As for visiting Toulouse, Bordeaux or Paris, look it up on a map, you will see where Lourdes is and how far Paris and Bordeaux are (180, 250 and 800 kms respectively). Even by train the nearest (Toulouse) is still 2 hours away one way.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    you have to visit the surroundings of Lourdes

    to Bordeaux with a cheap train ticket will take about 16 hours and to Paris some hours more

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