is anybody can translate this to Japanese Romanji?

This is my song lyrics, i want to translate it to Japanese Romanji...please help me


Ahh...I'm driving crazy

i'm so insane with to much love for you

Since I first saw you, my heart beats so loud

is i am born to love you......i think so


i'm so happy if this love a spell so nice

Please trow out it's antidote

don't want my craziness to fade away

i'll stay cray, please burn it, trow it bury it

Anything just to lost that antidote

I'm so so happy

I like to say i love you

Louder so you may hear me

Again.... i like to say I love you

Chorus 2:

oh i'm so happy if this love a spell, so nice

i feel like i am to fly with this gladness

i want to fly high

Don't know how to express this happiness i feel inside

Anything just to lost that antidote....

you may also recommend me a website where i can translate English to romanji japanese. for free


if possible it must translate mean by mean and not word by word....

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  • 7 years ago
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    解毒gedoku 剤zai ああaa . 私watashi はha 運転unten 狂ったkurutta 私watashi はha とてもtotemo 非常識hijixyoushiki でde 多くooku のno 愛ai あなたanata のno ためtame にni 初めてhajimete あなたanata をwo 見mi たta のでnode 、 私watashi はha 大声oogoe でde 心臓shinzou のno 拍haku 動dou ですdesu よyo 生まれumare そうsou のno 合唱gasshou をwo 考えるkangaeru あなたanata をwo 愛するaisuru ことkoto : 素晴らしいsubarashii しshi てte くださいkudasai トローtoroo のno 解毒gedoku 剤zai をwo 必要hitsuyou はha ありari ませmase んn のでnode 私watashi はha クレイkurei 、 滞在taizai 衰退suitai するsuru 私watashi のno 狂気kixyouki このkono 愛ai 呪文jixyumon をwo しshi てte くださいkudasai それsore をwo 燃やすmoyasu 場合baai だda からkara 嬉しいureshii 、 それsore をwo 埋めるumeru それsore 何nani かka だけdake にni トローtoroo そのsono 解毒gedoku 剤zai をwo 失ったushinatta のでnode きいkii てte ... 私watashi はha あなたanata がga 再びfutatabi 私watashi をwo 聞くkiku ことkoto がga ありari ますmasu のでnode Louder をwo 愛しaishi てte とto 言うiu しshi たいtai とてもtotemo 幸せshiawase イムimu 私watashi はha コーラスkoorasu 2 あなたanata をwo 愛しaishi てte とto 言うiu しshi たいtai : ああaa 私watashi はha このkono 呪文jixyumon をwo 愛するaisuru ならnara 、 私watashi はha 気分kibun がga いいii ですdesu これkore でde 高くtakaku 飛ぶtobu しshi 喜びyorokobi 内nai 側gawa 何nani もmo ちょうどchixyoudo 失ったushinatta ことkoto をwo 感じるkanjiru このkono 幸せshiawase をwo 表現hyougen するsuru 方法houhou をwo 知らshira ないnai 飛ぶtobu ようyou うれしいureshii ですdesu 解毒gedoku 剤zai .

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  • 3 years ago

    "hi!" or "hi!" ?????? konnichiwa! "i admire _______ lots" or "i like _______ lots" ??____???? (??/???) ??? watashi ha _____ ga totemo suki/daisuki desu. (suki=like, daisuki=love) "My favourite anime(s) is/are _______" (i understand "watashi wa anime ga suki desu ka" is "i like/love anime") ?????????______ ??? ichiban sukina anime ha ____ desu. (and actually, the sentence you wrote there ability "Do i like/love anime?" do away with the ka and it incredibly is going to be o.k. :) ) "song is my life." ?????????? ongaku wa watashi no jinsei desu. "i glance ahead to being your chum!" ????????????????? tomodachi ni naru no wo tanoshimini shiteimasu! "My call is _____" (is it Boku wa or Watashi wa???) ?? ____ ??? watashi ha ____ desu. anybody can use watashi. you need to use boku once you're male.

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