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Citizens of Bryan & College Station, Texas, please help!!!!!!?

Hi. I live in Croatia, a small country in Europe, but I wanna move to the US. If you live in Bryan or College Station, Texas, or near it, or you have any idea how is it like there, I'd be very very grateful if you'd try answering some of this questions and give your opinion about the city overall:

1. How is the climate? What are the usual temperatures during seasons, highs and lows temp... Is it cold, that's my biggest concern? Precipitation and snowfall (from experience)?

2. What about arts & culture, do you have a lot of it in the city?

3. What can you do there for recreation and where?

4. Education? Good or bad?

5. Housing and cost of living? Was it hard for you to find a place or pay a rent, and is it expensive for living?

6. What about crime and safety? Do you feel safe there? Have you ever had some problems with any sort of crime?

7. Health care? Where do you go when you're sick?

8. I wanna be a psychologist, do you think there's gonna be enough job places for me or am I gonna have some difficulties with that? How do you earn for living there, is it hard or not that much?

9. Short review about the city; would you recommend it or not, how do you feel about it, anything interesting that you heard, ANYTHING, please guys, it would really help me...

Thank you very much even for the smallest information, it means a world to me.

In short, please tell me anything you know about the city.

Thank you again!

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    1. Dry & windy. Look at Wikipedia for more details


    2. College Station (shares the southern boundary of Bryan) is home to a major university. Of course there is art & culture.

    3. (see #2) movies, sports (both watching and participating), parks, golf courses, etc.

    4. Education: top quality

    5. Easy to find a place to live, both to buy or rent. Since it is a university town, there is a wide variety of real estate prices.

    6. Like any place with lots of people, there is crime. But BCS is much safer than most places with the same population. Aggies (the "nickname" for A&M students and family) are a hard-working, conservative group overall.

    7. Hospitals are in both cities. Insurance is necessary.

    8. You might get a degree from TAMU, but you will probably have to move after graduation to another city to find the job you want. I really doubt there is a big job market for psychologists in BCS.

    9. Not the prettiest city by far. But one of the best places to live. Greatest people ever!!!

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