Why am I not getting asked to prom?

I haven't ever gotten asked to a dance, I don't know if it is something that I'm doing to freak guys out or what..... I don't think its how I look, but who knows.... Does anyone have any pointers? I am starting to feel a bit downhearted. Or maybe what are some things that I could be doing that boys are like "ahh not asking her shes _____" are there things that girls do that are really annoying?


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    7 years ago
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    I know. Neither did supermodel Cindy Crawford. Leonardo dicaprio didn't go to Prom. I don't think Zac Efron did either. Axel rose didn't. A lot of "winners" didn't get asked to the Prom.

    You are VERY pretty. You look like Dakota Fanning! I'm really so sorry you have to experience this because you don't deserve to be treated this way. But you in the wrong environment. You just are! The environment you are in doesn't appreciate your beauty and talent and furthermore, you are being punished for being beautiful, and made to feel bad. I went through this, too. I was a model and had even placed in a beauty competition (I mean by a major, worldwide modeling agency). when I came back to high school after placing in the beauty competition, I was still ignored by boys and never asked out to Prom/ homecoming, nothing. so I know how you feel.

    Ha ha, maybe if you were the size of a mac truck and knocked knees, boys at your school would be all over you! They don't deserve you. They deserve to date monsters.

    @A girl from middle school & Steve Farnaci, It's not her personality. Most people have an average personality anyway. And since when do guys talk about personality, they only talk about how girl's look on the outside! Let's keep this in perspective, please.

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    Don't worry about it! If you don't get asked, it's completely alright. You can ask someone out yourself as well.

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    Well, its a long way till prom, you have plenty of time, and i dont think its anything your doing wrong. I would just wait patiently and not stress out. If it so happens that you don't get asked to prom, find some other girls/ guys that didnt get a date in time, go together as friends, have a good time, and party! :D I still wish i had done that for my prom, sounds much ore fun and care-free

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    It's not looks... What's you personality like, or you open friendly, or reserved or shy. If you come off as reserved or shy you are going to have a harder time getting asked because that's percieved as being unfriendly and close.

    I have no real idea about your situation to even tell you. You might have to end up asking someone out thats middle of the pack and not alpha enough to ask a girl out.

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    i'm not attempting to be advise with the help of declaring this, yet why does he even opt for to bypass to promenade with yet another female? That in simple terms looks unusual to me. Your not incorrect for not wanting him to bypass. maximum ladies of their perfect ideas does not condone something like that. So your primary. besides promenade has continuously been form of a "romantic" ingredient. I comprehend associates bypass at the same time from time to time convinced, yet yet another issues is-you say this female is conscious he has a female friend, yet she nonetheless asks him to bypass? looks disrespectful to me. If she is raring to do this and in no way care about the way you experience god is conscious what else she could attempt to tug. yet is reasonably your boyfriend must be declaring no perfect away, and in no way be frightened about making her experience undesirable. he's your boyfriend and must be frightened about making you experience undesirable if he is going. he's in a relationship with you not her. If he nonetheless comes to a decision to bypass once you've expressed your thoughts, i'm sorry yet that in simple terms shows he doesnt care. This female could seek for a unmarried guy, and your guy could concentration on you and how you experience, not her. good success! bypass which includes your instincts!!

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    You are so beautiful! I think that guys are just scared to ask you... Lots of guys would be afraid of being turned down by such a pretty girl... its a guy thing... haha!!!

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  • It's you're personality. Are you mean to people? Gossip? Make fun of people? Act really consided? Do you wear a lot of makeup?

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    IDK im only in grade 10 try to find a guy friend and go with him or just wait, if no1 asks(unlikely) go with your friends that is not weird my cousin did that and then ended up all night in another girls house

  • Your very pretty. I dont know, maybe people dont like your personality.. but you look like you would be the nice type

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      You shouldn't have to be pretty to be asked to prom

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    I don't know why they aren't asking you, o mean you're really pretty!

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      You shouldn't have to be pretty to be asked to prom.

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